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Good News

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Today we had some good news!

Our soon to be 8 year old border terrier, Taylor had a lump on his left side under his rib cage. We had it biopsied but the result came back with a result of unable to tell if benign or not. SO we opted to have the lump removed to err on the side of caution.

On Thursday last week we took him in for his operation – he’s been a great patient and had lots of cuddles and love.

Today we had the histology results from the lab – the lump was benign and his blood tests all normal.

I am beyond relieved as Taylor is my boy and he’s been with me as a therapy dog since I lost my mum , his name was mum’s surname.

In other news, I have my appointment through for breast screening ~ on Friday the 13th of April no less! Good job I’m not superstitious and am pretty certain all will be okay. Just wondering if it’s okay to have it with nipple piercings in?

I’m still waiting for my 40 patch allergy test appointment to come through ~ I’m crossing everything they find something to explain my weird symptoms but now know whatever it is has triggered ME relapse.

I’m off to my happy place by the sea with my husband and two dogs for a week on Saturday and leaving the girls home alone to fend for themselves. They should be okay as the freezer is stocked full to bursting.

So, with a little luck the sea air and sound of the waves will restore some of my inner self and make me feel less hollow and despairing.

Holding on to the good things and trying to not let my nagging negative self takeover. Baby steps, one hour at a time, focusing on the present, the now, recognizing the good and being grateful for what I have.

Fake it ’til you make it ~ and I will make it!


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