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Happy Place

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Well, the tablets have now washed out of my system and my dear pal Insomnia is back.  However, this time round I am prepared and refuse to look him in the eye and give him the despairing acknowledgement he requires.  I may not be able to plug myself into sleep mode easily but I know a damn good trick which helps me to relax and in turn provide me with rest.

I have taken to lying in bed and emptying my mind, just trying to float away in my minds eye and relocate to a deluxe sun~lounger on a warm tropical beach, looking up a blue hazy skies, listening to the sound of the waves lapping onto the white sand and the birds calling to one another.  At my side is a refreshing exotic fruit cocktail, complete with straws and other decorations, I can smell wonderful aromas from the beach barbeque and a faint hint of suntan oil.  This is my “happy place”.
Whilst imagining being in this magical place I start to relax my body, imagining my skin being warmed by the hot sun and gently wiggle my toes and then slowly imagine the heat of the sun relaxing my joints and muscles little by little as it creeps upwards until finally it reaches the top of my head and I am relaxed.  I can remain in this state for some time, fully relaxed and even if sleep eludes me I am waking up more refreshed than I had during insomnias visits previously.  It may not work for you ~ but may well be worth a try.

Also, when all else fails and you want to hide those baggy tired shadowy eyes, just pop on the shades (mine are extra special to me because they used to be mums)

 As for my anxiety and depression ~ so far not too much of a wobble.  I can tell I have stopped taking the medication but I think (you would have to ask the rest of the family if they feel the same) that I am coping and managing it fairly well.  Admittedly some days are easier than others, but aren’t they for all of us?

It’s still early days, and we shall see how things progress over the coming weeks, but I am feeling positive about how things are moving forward.  Also, I am thrilled to note that already I have managed to shed a few pounds of the medication gained weight.  I am sincerely hoping that this is a continuing trend and will keep up the work to ensure it is.
I am also remembering my affirmations and repeat them to myself several times a day. I have covered my fridge door with them, just as a reminder should I forget,  this seemed most logical place as most of my time is spent in the kitchen.  Wherever possible I am carrying out a daily random act of kindness, it isn’t necessarily anything big, but then it doesn’t have to be. Most of all I am trying to live life in the present, enjoying the moment and encouraging the girls to do the same.

I am also VERY much enjoying my belated (by 6 years!) birthday present from The Dave ~ finally my gorgeous 1955 Split Screen Morris Minor ~ named Mas ~ is home AND I have been out and driven her.  I have a grin on my face whenever I glimpse her on the drive and am thrilled to have her here at last.

Sadly, being an old girl, like myself, she has developed an oil leak ~ so The Dave will be fixing that for me as soon as possible and in the meantime I am just enjoying looking at her outside my office window.

I can’t believe that we are already half way through the year and looking back I can see how far we have all come as a family since Christmas, when everyone was so sick we spent a very chilled Christmas Day lounging in pyjamas.  Now, although life isn’t perfect and there is still a rather large mountain to climb regarding both physical and mental health, at least we have some assistance now in place to get us there.  So instead of looking at life and thinking of the huge task of what lies ahead and what we need to achieve ~ I prefer to look back and applaud us for how far we have come and acknowledge our achievements. For us it’s not a case of glass half empty or half full, it’s a case of accepting what you have and making the most of it.

For us it is best to live in the moment, enjoy the windows of opportunity where we all have energy to spend at the same time, encourage each other when it all seems insurmountable, respect our limitations and celebrate every achievement no matter how insignificant it may appear to others.  Having just celebrated my 21st Wedding Anniversary on 5th June and my 45th birthday in May I count myself exceedingly lucky to be where I am and have what I have regardless of the other issues we are facing.  I have a wonderful husband and daughters, we are living life our way and in turn I am wishing you happiness and positivity where~ever you are…

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