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Having A Little Fun

Posted in Photography Blog

Today whilst hanging out with the dogs in the garden I decided to pick up my camera and have a play around.

There is NOTHING to photograph in our now barren garden, few birds visit, no bugs now and the flowers and plants are curled up in readiness for Winter.

I admit I was bored and so thought I would play and mess about the settings and focus, flash on or off and a slight movement of the camera to add extra blur.

These photos aren’t good by any means but I somehow love them, I love their very imperfection. Is that weird?

Anyway, that’s about all regarding my photography, which has been sporadic of late.

Sometimes you just have to explore, experiment and go with what you enjoy ~ you may think they are rubbish and that’s fine because everything is relative. I have no knowledge of or experience in photography, just the joy of holding my camera and playing around.



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