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Holiday fun

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I spent last week on holiday in our caravan on the Yorkshire coast, the fates smiled down on us and granted us fantastic weather for the entire week. The rains only arrived on the day we left, which, let’s face it, is pretty impressive for a week in mid October in the UK!

Now I’m not going to lie, my health status at the moment is at “pants” level, so getting out and about wasn’t all that easy. Despite that, on three separate occasions I managed to get out for a little while. I seriously appreciate the value of mobility aids which allow me to maintain my independence whilst also having hands free to snap away and take the odd picture or three.

I didn’t really think about my “lessons” from my course ~ after all I was on holiday. Instead just went with the moment and had great fun playing with my camera, switching through the settings and generally messing about.

The locations were all very samey as I couldn’t stray far from my base, mostly cliff tops, the beach (accessed from a path close to our caravan) and the lake side area of the caravan site.

Here are a few of the photos I took. The first are of a solitary bee, lonesome among the lavender which had in previous months been alive with bees..

A lone bird perched on a lamp post..


Some cliff top views..

Some from by the lakeside..

Some from the areas around our caravan..

Some of the woodland walk on the way to the beach..

Some of the beach..

Some of the beautiful skies we saw..

Finally, some of myself, husband Dave and the Hairy Duo..

Since returning home from our holiday my second born has pimped the original foxy tattoo she did for me on the outside of my left ankle, the first tattoo she gave me, so has sentimental value for me. That is why it is my logo for my photography.

I feel exceptionally lucky to have had such great weather whilst we were away and for the support and love of my family.

Next week it’s back to the photography course and lesson 4, so see you then.

A kiss in the sky above the caravan


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