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Today I went under hypnosis for the very first time. I was unsure what to expect and can confirm that no tea cups and spoons were involved in the session, as was the case in the film Get Out!

The decision wasn’t immediate, I considered options, read reviews and decided exactly what I needed to get help with in my life before making my choice of which therapy to go for.

My choice was to go to Hypnassist for help with weight management and also to improve my general health and change long~standing food thought patterns. Part of the treatment is having a virtual gastric band fitted but that is only a very small part of the treatment. It involves recognising the power of the subconscious mind and how it protects us, although not always in the best way.

My subconscious can be something of a bugger ~ a discovery explored via years of therapy. Much of what I am trying to put into practice regarding self~love and positive affirmations are covered within the session. It’s a case of changing thought patterns which can be unhelpful. To think in the now and to want to make the positive choices in life and not the easy ones which can steer me wrong.

The hypnosis itself was incredible. I honestly thought there would be no way I would go under, that I am too stubborn to do this. How wrong I was, I went under quite deeply and when I awoke I genuinely felt so incredibly relaxed and positive. A calm happiness, I felt as if I had been in bed and had the best sleep of my life. My mind feels focused and I am going to grasp all the knowledge, self~awareness and advice I have been given.

Positive affirmations are necessary to cement my goals into my subconscious, to focus on them in the present, to visualise where and what I want for life. So, for example to say I am slim, I am beautiful, I am good enough and so on in the present tense as opposed to I will be slim etc.

Another part of the process is to eat cleanly, to remove artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, processed foods and anything with chemicals added to them (such as aspartame), from my diet.

It is true when people say “you are what you eat” ~ I am at risk of late onset insulin dependent diabetes as it runs in my mother’s side of the family and I had gestational diabetes during one of my pregnancies. I am also sure that my swollen ankles and pain through my joints will be relieved with a cleaner diet and a loss of weight.

This means that I will have to ditch my tonic water addiction and I have thrown all my artificial sweeteners in the bin. I will, when less groggy and fatigued, go through my fridge, freezer and cupboards and remove all foods which have any chemicals added.

It takes 21 days to change the subconscious beliefs, so it takes work, belief and clear~cut goals in order to achieve success. No treatment will work if you don’t believe in it or are not dedicated to change life long habits or thoughts to make the changes necessary.

The hypnosis has left me feeling more relaxed, focused and positive than ever before.

I believe strongly in the power of the mind. I believe that by taking this step towards looking at life through a different perspective, changing negative thought behaviours and habits is possible.

Kathy was my therapist, she alongside her partner Andy are focused towards helping people like myself to understand and change our thought processes.

My session lasted and hour and a half ~ minutes which were used constructively. Kathy seriously knows her shit, she’s a qualified Hypnotherapist, CBT and DBT counsellor, a Nutritional Therapist and has spent many years working and lecturing in mental health. I could have spent so much longer listening to her, she made so much sense and I had many a “light bulb” moment as her words resonated with me on many occasions and helped me to see things more clearly.

When you meet someone who makes things click in the right way you know you are in safe hands. I trust Kathy and believe 100% that I can succeed now in achieving my goals.

I will return to see Kathy in September for a top up session to help me to continue to succeed and work through any issues that I may struggle with between now and then.

This, for me, isn’t a hit and miss go with something different. This is finding something that makes total sense and being ready and in the right frame of mind to make the essential changes necessary and to work hard at it every day.

If you want to know more about this then please head over to the Hypnassist website here; Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Mind Coaching.

So today is day one, a time for change, a time to fully embrace the work I need to do.

Self love and belief is so important, I have tried everything in the past and not succeeded because I never treated myself holistically. I am not dieting, I am not berating myself, I am learning, I am me and I am capable of changing lifelong thought patterns through addressing my subconscious mind and teaching it how to help me constructively to be a better, healthier me.




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