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I did a thing!

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Yesterday I did a thing!


It was a very big thing ~ I went for a walk over a space of several hours to raise awareness and funds for Invest In ME Research.

Today I am somewhat broken with feet like balloons, joints and muscles seized and spasming. I’m not a pretty sight!

BUT it was a phenomenal achievement for me, mobility is a struggle and causes me an awful lot of pain due to unstable hypermobile joints and pains from ME.

I took my camera with me to photograph my walk so that my supporters can watch it and virtually join me to see where I went and what I saw.

Thankfully I am in my happy place and can recuperate on the sofa with the decking doors wide open allowing the sunshine, smells and sounds of the coast to waft in.

If you have ten to fifteen minutes to spare then put up your feet with a cuppa and join me on my walk around Primrose Valley in Filey ~ we walk across some nature areas, by some large ponds and down to the beach finally coming back via the cliffs.

Finally, I feel it’s got to be done because I am an optimist and hope folk may feel compelled to throw a few quid my way after virtually walking with me ~ it’s for a very good cause *inserts beguiling (but not in a deceptive way) eyes looking into your very soul*.

The link to donate online is here …

Or you can just follow the text instructions in this picture if you would prefer to lob me £1 or perhaps £2 via text message..


Thank you all for either sharing and or donating my page and for all the love and encouragement I have received ~ you are all awesome!

Especially gentle high fives to all you Chronic Illness Warriors out there ~ you are fabulous, it’s not easy and at times it gets you down ~ but please know you are not alone.



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