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In Among The Buttercups

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Our garden loves buttercups, they are all over ~ along with the white clover. Bugs and Bees seem to love them, which is awesome, I like nothing more than watching them flit about the lawn.

I decided to just lie on the grass with my camers ~ macro lenss and 20mm extension tube and just wait to see what would come my way.

There are so many micro insects that just like a black speck on the flower ~ then if I look through my macro lens I can see them more clearly. I am loving insects and watching them is become a serious hobby.

I am also getting braver around spiders ~ all be it the micro ones. The problem with the teeny tiny spiders is that they are super fast and never seem to stay in one spot long enough to properly focus and get them fully clear in the photograph. I am now seeking out the spiders and they seem to be very hard to find in this hot weather.

I am continuing to mix and match macro extension tubes, last time was the turn of the 36mm extension tube and yesterday was 20mm’s turn.

Here are a handful of my images ~ some got away because Loki, our Jack Russell Pug cross likes to be my bodyguard and follow me around. Also missed a few shots whilst I was distracting Loki from humping me and others when he ate my subject just as I was about to press the button. He looks up at me afterwards wanting lots of praise too!

A fly with a red heart bottom..

Another critter..

A mini teeny tiny beetle thingymabob..

Some other random garden critters..

ps ~ one of these critters bit me and it hurt like mad, obviously I contorted myself whilst it was busy chowing down on my leg to take it’s picture before brushing it off ~ anyone know what it is? It’s eyes are really cool ~ sorry about the fuzzy image but it was eating my leg..



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