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Interesting Times

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I have to say that this week has been interesting ~ changes ahead are going to be for the better and I am ridiculously excited about everything.

I saw my rheumy physio this week who said that unfortunately due to having ME alongside the FMS & HEDS, hydrotherapy is no longer an option. I was finding that after each hydro session I was more and more exhausted with many symptom flares with post hydro recovery taking longer and longer. SO, I am to see my physio fortnightly until her referral comes through with a place for me to move to another rheumy physio who teaches Tai Chi for Arthritis, following the Paul Lam Tai Chi programme. On my current physios advice I have purchased the DVD by Paul Lam to get started whilst waiting to get a place with the Tai Chi clinic.  Until then I am being taught gentle simple exercises, based on pilates, to help build up core strength and muscles to support my joints.

The day after my physio appointment I saw my optician because my eyesight has progressively declined over the past few months ~ apparently due to the FMS ~ so I wanted to find a way to halt the deterioration. My optician used to be a consultant at the hospital, so I know I’m in good hands. He laughed at my woes of not seeing what I was photographing and having a gallery of bird poop and dirt piles instead of what I thought were wee critters! I also can’t see my sat nav and so rely on the audio directions.

The eye test was thorough and resulted in the news that yes my eyesight had declined further ~ I have instructions to continue visiting for tests annually, but like this time ~ only six months since my last test I noticed a significant change, then to get tested sooner. I am to have some varifocals ~ so that I can see close up and also a little further away. It should make my driving safer because I’ll be able to see the road signs as well as my sat nav screen! The lenses will also have a filter in them to block out the blue light which is practically everywhere and harmful to our eyes.

These are the frames ~ light weight and allergy free (no metal) that the lenses will be in. I nearly fell through the floor when I found how much the damn things will cost, but as I need to wear them all the time I hopefully won’t damage or lose them as I can’t afford a second back up pair. The frames aren’t that expensive ~ it’s the lenses that I need that have racked up the cost!
So, apart from sorting out physio and my eyes this week I have also managed to catch up with my dad and his partner. I rarely see him as although he is in his mid 70’s he is one spritely man who is always busy either golfing socialising or doing up his house ~ which is looking incredibe now, so his hard work has paid off. He is rarely in one place for any length of time and his calender is bonkers. Despite this we managed to find a night where they could come over and  visit and spend the night. As it’s dads birthday soon we decided to take them out for dinner as a early celebration. We have discovered one awesome Nepalese Indian restaurant called the Himalayan Gurkha which is faultless both in food and ambiance ~ plus its a five star food hygiene rating, which I always check.The starter was awesome and I forgot to photograph it to share, but the main was fabulous ~ you can order meat, vegetarian or vegan and choose whether mild, medium or hot.
After dinner we popped into The Lord Nelson, a really lovely pub that sells not one, not two but THREE different stouts ~ which is my idea of heaven! I only had time to sample one of the stouts but that pint went down a treat ~ it was creamy, with a good strong coffee flavour which I obviously loved. I am going to return soon to sample each of the three stouts and just drink in the ambiance of the pub, which is relaxing and comfortable.

Talking about spending time with my dad, he has a knack for finding things on youtube to share with us. This time it was a short film which amused us all ~ so I’ll share it with you too in the hope that you find it amusing too..

On Monday I’m off with Dave & the dogs to a single story cottage with log fire and enclosed private garden, for the week. Its going to be a terribly long journey as it’s only ten miles away but that’s enough to take us out to the countryside and give us that break we need.

When we return home our greenhouse will be glazed and raised garden vegetable plots built in readiness for me to start gardening and growing.

The other day I was enjoying the garden and internally planning it’s redesign whilst taking the odd snap or two of random things, one in particular are leaves which I keep finding stitched together and then eaten ~ I couldn’t imagine what was doing this, I thought perhaps spiders and my curiosity led me to open one and inside was a teeny tiny green caterpillar which was about the length of a sewing needle and approximately twice as wide ~ so extremely small.

The leaves..

The very small hungry caterpillar..

Not much else was to be found in the garden so I tried to fire up the incinerator to burn some rubbish ~ but it wasn’t dry enough resulting in smoke not fire!

Finally, I share with you the very happy news that Gloria, our garden squirrel who I have become very attached to, has returned to us looking healthy and well. She isn’t just eating her nuts from her own feed but also climbing up the bird feeder to sample from each of the feeders before enjoying the lower feeder, which knowing Gloria, I filled with squirrel food so although she thinks its for the birds it’s actually for her. The amusing part is once Gloria starts on her lower feeder the birds fly down and enjoy the feeders above her, like one happy family.

So, despite eye issues and being limited physically ~ this week has been a positive one. I hope you all have enjoyed a good week too and looking towards next week with positivity that things will be okay. I can’t end this blog without featuring my lovely terriers who give me so much pleasure and always follow me around the garden and keep me company.


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