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Is it palatable?

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Finally, we have wine! The question is ~ is it palatable? Will we be able to stomach drinking it? It seems such a long time ago since we started this process but really it’s only been a matter of a few weeks.

The Brewing Table waiting to get started!
First stage of brewing excitedly watching the bubbles as it ferments

Siphoned into the new plastic demijohns for the second stage (which required shaking)
Finally, today brings with it tasting and bottling day!
Sterilised bottles waiting to be filled


 Red on left, Black Cherry in middle and Rose on right
So the verdict? Thankfully yes *phew* it’s lovely.  The red is lovely and fruity yet smooth (my favourite), the black cherry rather cheeky and delicious (first borns favourite) and the Rose equally delicious (although no doubt even nicer when chilled).
So that’s a relief ~ already have orders in from first born for her 18th birthday and I have a funny feeling it won’t last long in our household.
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