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It is done ~ steak I’m coming for you!

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30 days of vegetarianism = DONE!
Thank you one and all for all your support and encouragement throughout my month as a vegetarian. I must admit although I missed my much beloved meat dishes there were also a few vegetarian dishes that went down very well indeed. So I have made the decision to be 50/50, half the week I shall have my meat dishes and the rest of the week will be vegetarian. This means I am now classed as a “flexitarian” which is beneficial because, and I quote…
“It gives you the health benefits of a vegetarian diet without having to follow the strict rules,” says Blatner, a registered dietitian “We know that people live longer and live healthier when they eat vegetarian, but it’s just too darn hard to do it 100 percent of the time.”
Most flexitarians have about 2 or 3 veggie days a week and the rest meat, which suits me perfectly. When I eat out I will also check out the veggie options, and sometimes pick them instead of my meat based ones. I know committed vegans and vegetarians will see this as a cop out but surely opting for less meat days and some veggie is a step in the right direction? I watched a documentary recently about the impact of us meat eaters, with the growing population, on the environment and so I want to do my bit but am too weak to give up my meat fully ~ so yes, I know I could do more, but at least I’m doing something.

So, for your viewing pleasure I give you pictures of my evening meals for the past month (breakfast was always a bowl of Rice Krispies or Bite Size Shredded Wheat and lunch was always a banana and meal replacement shake just for your information)

For the last two days I am sadly sick, got the lurgy but The Dave has whisked me away for some sea air and rest ~ so I am currently happily resting away in my sea-side retreat. The caravan’s a bit nippy but thankfully packed plenty of warm jumpers and the fire is doing it’s job! As you can tell, being away we are being lazy and eating very easy to prepare foods – but still on the vegetarian trip until the end and none the less tasty for it’s simplicity either.

Day 29 ~ Wholemeal Bagel, beans & Scrambled Egg
Day 30 ~ Pub Fare, Cheese & Coleslaw in Granary bread with sides of chips & onion rings (shared the sides with The Dave).
For the last time, as I celebrate tonight, I shall give you the links to my fundraising page and the number for texting donations. Any support or shares would be enormously appreciated. I repeat what I said in my last blog that your donations, no matter how big or small, are enormously appreciated not only myself but also fellow sufferers because it means your funds are helping Invest in ME Research to move forward with their vital research into this illness.

If you are unaware of how ME affects the sufferer then this may help you understand. Each patient is different, symptoms will vary from day to day and some are more severe than others. Whilst the mild sufferer can manage a “normal-ish” life, working part-time and pacing well, a severe suffer is bed ridden, needing 24 hour care and support. Wherever you are on the spectrum of severity it is a hugely unpleasant and isolating illness. It takes so much from you and gives nothing in return.

For us, with two teenage daughters having moderate to severe ME and myself, their carer, having mild to moderate ME, life has become a challenge. It’s a juggling act requiring planning and contingencies. The girls had to leave school and miss out on vital education because if it. We have three wheelchairs and two pairs of crutches, bed cradles, shower stools etc. It’s not an easy illness to live with. That’s why for us personally, and all other sufferers, your support is vital and much appreciated. The more that ME is recognised and accepted for the real physical illness it is and NOT as a psychological “it’s all in your mind” illness then steps can be made to change how patients are perceived by some members of the medical profession and general public.

As always here is the text code if you wish to donate or you can go via the justgiving page
Thank you for sharing this journey with me, it’s been a blast!
p.s. this will be my dinner tonight & I can’t wait…
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