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It’s a Minor Thing

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Once upon a time, a very long time ago there was a young woman known as “Tonks” whose fiancée The Dave, bought her a gift of a 1969 Green Morris Minor. She loved that little car for they were both born in the same year (ahh) and she drove it everywhere. In the winter she had to mop out the water from inside and de-ice not only the outside but also the inside of the windscreen. The dip switch was on the floor which made dipping lights whilst changing gear an adventure! On hill starts the handbrake had a habit of dismantling itself and so she became a master of playing the accelerator and clutch to prevent backsliding and stalling.
Sadly, this little green gem when at the garage for it’s MOT was failed, the mechanic said the only use left for it was to strain peas due to the large number of holes in it’s underside. With a heavy heart she had to let her friend go to the car yard in the sky. She grieved for this little car for many many years and longingly looked at passing Morris Minors and remembered him ~ the journeys too and from Nursing placements during her training, leaving for honeymoon in it all decked out with toilet rolls and shaving foam, the backfiring when arriving at the hospital (making her friend Gilly duck down in the foot well with embarrassment!)…
Tonks & The Dave on the day after their wedding preparing to jet off to their honeymoon.
The rust was beginning to show..
He was a darling little car and made the same year I was born 🙂
Moving forward we are now many years later (to her 39th birthday to be precise) this now middle aged woman was surprised by a gift of a 1955 split screen Morris Minor by her husband. BUT, the drawback was there was work needing to be done on it and so not able to be driven just yet. 
First of all was the colour, it was a headache inducing grey colour, the inside however was in excellent condition and the seats were a wonderful shade of red. The decision was made when respraying it to change it from a grey to black, which I think suits it much better.
Going from dirge grey to shiny black
Then of course was the heart of the car which needed sorting out, a 2 litre Fiat Twin Cam Engine with 5 speed gear box. That baby needed so much TLC to get it up and running properly.
The heart is absent as having surgery
Once the engine was sorted there were seat belts to fit, oil leaks to repair etc. Then it was ready to go on the road when *BAM*  the oil pump drive fell off and made a hole in the engine, meaning it had to be sorted out again. THEN there was ANOTHER oil leak …
BUT was The Dave daunted by this stream of bad luck? Hell no! He persevered as and when he could at weekends, doing his utmost to get the car on the road for his beloved Tonks. 
THEN finally, the day arrived and the car is now (all be it 7 years later) on the drive and able to be driven and loved once more. Unfortunately The Dave can’t seem to get the speedo working, so Tonks will just have to try and gauge the speed and hope to avoid any tickets!

So, my Morris Minor is called MAS (due to her number plate), so this time round is female.
The Dave even had my nickname put on the boot too 🙂
I cannot express how thrilled I am that she is finally home and settled on our drive. I look forward to spending many happy years enjoy our driving adventures.


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