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Jehovah’s Witnesses Watch Tower Pamphlet from 1939; Catholic~Fascist Menace in Britain

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Among some second world war publications and ration books (see previous blog) we found this very worn and yellowed pamphlet ~ the paper feels so thin and delicate as if it may just disintegrate the next time it’s touched.
Now I have to admit I am ignorant when it comes to the history of the Jehovah Witness religion and their conflict with the Catholics, I did however find this website which lays out the history behind it’s publication.
It discusses the alliance of the Catholic Church with Fascism at a time just before the war broke out.

I am neither a Jehovah Witness or Catholic, I don’t believe in one religion or another and just follow my own spiritual path. I dislike the perpetual conflict that goes on between one faith and another and the wars the violence it excites. However, this is a piece of history which I had previously been unaware of and found it fascinating.

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