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Lazy Photography

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I LOVE taking photos, I’m a rank amateur and don’t care. For me photography is a way of trying to show others how I see things and a way to escape completely from reality for a while.

My mobility is compromised more than ever these days as if having ME and Fibro isn’t enough I have also very recently been diagnosed with bilateral Trochanteric Bursitis along with bilateral Achilles Tendinitis, which is being something of a bugger these days reducing my mobility and causing me an awful lot of pain and discomfort.

This morning I received a letter from the Rheumatology Therapy Department letting me know that my referral was through and I will be sent an appointment as soon as one is available for ultrasound therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in both my ankles and hips. Followed by, once inflammation and pain has been controlled, specific exercises in both the physio room and hydrotherapy pool to strengthen and correct any damage of my muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Until I’m at that point I need crutches to walk and take pressure off the joints which are far weaker than they should be and one side is much worse than the other causing compensation issues of the stronger side. Plus all shoes/boots need special arch supports as my arches are buggered too.

My rheumatologist did note that I am pretty fucked and that had I been given the necessary therapy two years ago when it was first noted in my records then I wouldn’t be in the state I am today.

I think this video explains best how the ultrasound therapy works..


Anyway, because of the above issues I struggle to get around and about. Knowing how much I love to take photos and see new scenery my husband has started taking me with him when he needs to pick up or drop off parts. My husband buys and sells American car parts in the UK as well as importing via both air and boat freight for his customers.

Often we go in one of his American cars/vans but sometimes we need to use the ratty transit. When we travel in these cars I love to wind the window right down and take photos as Dave drives of things that catch my eye and the passing scenery. It’s a thrill to get a clear unblurred shot and the challenge excites me. In essence it’s lazy photography, taking images whilst comfortably seated in a car with music playing and someone else driving.

Occasionally the drop off or collection points have something nearby for me to photograph whilst I wait for Dave to do the transaction and natter to another petrol head about cars, engines and the lumps of metal he lovingly imports ~ allegedly rare or much sought after car parts.

It’s a wonderful for me to pass the time and it relieves Dave’s eardrums because before the “through the window of a moving car” activity I used to babble away when he drove. I think I sometimes drove him a little mad by it ~ but God love him he puts up with me.

I wonder if it’s a kind of style that will catch on? When in UK vehicles its easier for me as I have no passing traffic to contend with, whereas in the Yanks I have to time it just right to get the picture without a car in the opposite carriageway getting in on the act.

My favourite image so far is of the statues of three silver women standing together, arms entwined, hence putting it as the featured photo.

So, here are some of my “through the moving window” photos for you to judge for yourselves whether it’s a hit or a miss as a style of photography.

Pit stop for delivery so I found some flowers by the guys fence to capture..

Off we go again..

I hope you enjoyed our trip across some of England’s beautiful countryside. Do you think this could become a “style” of photography or perhaps something just for me to enjoy?

I hope you will enjoy my next excursion ~ I will be visiting Bath and all its treasures.


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