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Lesson Two//How to Shoot in Manual

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This week the lesson is all about going manual!

Today I am having to make a compromise. According to a pre~arranged agreement with my family, my photography day is on Mondays. However, today I woke up feeling as if I have literally been hit by a bus. I have so much pain I can’t even work out where it starts and where it finishes.

This means I will have to separate my photography day into two sections ~ theory and practical.

Throughout today, I will be looking at the theory, looking at my lesson and reading of the “Going Manual” book by dividing my time into small blocks to read and then rest between.

I hope this way I can mentally get my head around it. According to the lesson you can switch the camera into manual mode, press your finger down halfway on the shutter button and a menu should come up to advise on settings. Then I have to change my camera settings to the ones shown and try to take the shot.

I can be trying this lying on my sofa, so hope to practice looking at different subjects in the room and changing settings as a warm up to going outside and taking shots.

Then, hopefully, later this week I will be able to find some time to go out and try taking some photographs using the manual setting and altering according to the camera suggestions.

For some reason the thought of going manual terrifies me ~ although I am sure if I concentrate and set my mind to it I should be able to master it.

Hopefully later this week I can share with you some images and the settings they were taken in. Both good and bad!

Until then, wishing you all a great week.


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