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Life In The Mawer Lane

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Howdie folks, how’s your week going?
We’ve had a funny old few weeks, there’s never a dull moment in this house and again ill health has been at the forefront of our lives.
For those of you just getting to know us we’re quite the functional dysfunctional family with each of us having our own issues. 

  • Both myself and The Dave suffer from depression and stress, which, for the Dave, was compounded by three heart attacks in December 2014. 
  • Then we have our first born child who suffers from Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), Panic disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Major depressive disorder (MDD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 
  • We move onto second born child who suffers from moderately severe M.E.(mostly house/bed bound with odd bouts of energy allowing outings mostly with wheelchair or crutches), Hypermobility (dislocates very easily), digestive issues, severe anxiety, severe depression, Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and Orthostatic Intolerance.
  • Finally our youngest child has M.E., anxiety, irritable bowel, inability to maintain weight and so is underweight and investigations on-going to discover what she is failing to absorb requiring regular dietician input for supplements and Orthostatic Intolerance.
So you can see, we’re quite the messed up bunch but somehow our abnormal feels normal for us and we usually manage to cope with everything that throws itself at us.
However, the past few weeks have been very trying for us all and our youngest became ill with what we are assuming is a nasty viral infection BUT getting that on top of ME meant that it affected her heart and made her very unwell resulting in our GP sending us to A&E. Thankfully her heart trace was clear and we have been told with her being underweight with ME any infection could potentially cause her heart to react in the future and it’s something we will have to observe. She is currently suffering from the mother of all headaches on top of many other symptoms (although meningitis has now been ruled out) – it’s now been almost 2 weeks without any respite from it and so we are having more blood tests (one to rule out Glandular Fever) as well as routine ones and seeing optician to look at her eyes tomorrow. She has a very high pain threshold and as a mother seeing your child in pain 24/7 is highly distressing. I am in awe of her and how she is still able to maintain her humour and determination (attending online classes with eyes shut and just listening so not to miss them).
To add to that second born has been fighting an enormous battle with her mental health demons and hopefully we can find a way to address that and are waiting for an appt with her psychiatrist to look at what we can do differently to approach this.
On a positive note our first born will be moving into her new home tomorrow ~ we have bought a house for her to share with a few others in the centre of town so an easy walk to University in September and just round the corner from where she works. Tomorrow will just be odds and sods, taking the necessities she needs and the rest will be transferred over throughout the following week. We will also, much to her delight and our dread, be having to visit Ikea to purchase a new bed and other bits and bobs that she needs. What is so lovely for us is that she is an adult now and will have her independence and own place to live but also close enough for us to pop over with food parcels and go for a natter and coffee.
Thankfully the rain seems to have stopped and so hoping to crack out the BBQ this weekend and enjoy some alfresco dining.
Also, thrilled to say The Dave managed to rescue a nest of bees from a loft and relocate them in our garden (where all my plants are bee friendly) their nest is by our greenhouse with a bin liner round it to keep warm and they bees seem quite happy there which is a relief. They aren’t honey bees though because if they were we would have brought in someone to help us who knows how to safely relocate them into a hive. Although we did have one in our kitchen that seemed a little weak but soon perked up after some sugar water and flew off again. We are all passionate about saving the bees and so if you want to join in you can read about how to help them here
So, hoping that our next few weeks will be quieter and that our issues will find some respite and solutions will come forward to ease the strain.
Wishing you a great weekend whatever you have planned.
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