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Life is a series of changes

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This morning I awoke to a noise resembling a cat meowing, I lay there in bed wondering if perhaps at some point last night before we closed the patio doors a neighbours cat had snuck in to the house and become trapped. This strange mewing went on for about 15 minutes, completely baffling me as I couldn’t quite locate where the sound has come from until Skyla Minx got up and started pottering about the room, when it clicked – the mewing was our little dog passing wind on a frequent basis!  The Dave, for it was his turn to get up with the dogs this morning, got up laughing and on opening the doors onto the garden watched her shoot out and do her business, her bottom does however remain rather musical this morning.

After breakfast Loki decided to help us with the gardening by seeking out and removing what grass remains on the lawn amongst all the weeds. Our lawn is 75% weeds because we haven’t got round to the weed-killing due to our worries about using chemicals on the lawns in case they affect the dogs.  This little scamp does make me laugh…
Taylor being the old boy he is just mooched about with eyebrow raised at the antics of the young ‘uns before slouching off and lying on a blanket to snooze.  
Tomorrow Keisha leaves for her first week participating in the NCS ~ it takes her away for the next 4 weeks of which the first 2 weeks are residential.  We shall miss her but it sounds like a great opportunity ~ I have spoken to the head of her wave and he was lovely and promised me that there will be someone discreetly available for her within her team to support her should she have any episodes of panic or anxiety.
Tasha and Tara are still at the mercy of their ME crash at the moment, it makes life tough, especially during the summer when their friends are outside and socialising, going away on holidays and trips.  We have arranged to go back to our caravan in Filey twice during August and hope to be able to take them for a couple of picnics on the beach to get them out and away from their familiar 4 walls, hopefully the sun and sea air will work it’s magic on them.
I had my registration papers arrive in the post on Saturday for my reflexology course which detailed how much time and commitment I would have to give to it.  Unfortunately, due to our current position at home and after a long chat with The Dave, we have decided that it would be for the best if I postpone doing this for perhaps the next 2 or 3 years.  I would hate to start something and pay the large course fee to then be unable to dedicate the necessary time and energy that it requires.  I also don’t want to unsettle the girls routine which would be unavoidable if I went ahead as it would also mean an awful lot of juggling and compromise.  So we have decided that we are going to focus on building on the girls health, working with the CAMHS team, OT, Consultant and Osteopath with requests for further tests and dietician input too. We are going to trial a new OT protocol, once it has been researched a little more, which involves using a heart monitor whenever the girls carry out any activity to try and control their pacing.  We will also set Tara up with the Nisai over the next few weeks to start September, Tasha with her art therapy and Keisha a part~time job along with some ceramics and jewellery making courses. We feel is more than enough of a demand on my time ~ so in the meantime, whilst at home, I will also get my head down and work on finishing my book, which is something I am passionate about completing.
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