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Like Magic!

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Photography is quite simply the best hobby as far as I am concerned. Especially at times when I struggle to quiet my mind, when thoughts are circling round creating a whirlpool. At these times I grasp fragments of a thought before it’s gone again, pulled into the force of the swirling pool.

For me, picking up my camera suddenly stills my mind. It starts to become quiet from the moment I hold the weight of the camera in my hands. It’s like magic!

It’s rather difficult to explain and I’m probably making a real hash of it by trying. It really is amazing though ~ to step outside into my garden, dogs running around my feet, holding my camera. A peace seems to fall over me, a time of quiet where, for just a little while, I can lose myself.

My material is limited because I can only manage to potter around the garden right now ~ so I try to look at the familiar material in a different light. Trying to create a new image from something I have repeatedly photographed.

One day, hopefully when I know for sure what is wrong with me, I will be able to venture, little by little, further from my garden. Discover new material and share it with you.

For now though, whilst my test results come in to the doctors surgery in dribs and drabs, showing up results “out of normal range” which baffle me in their meaning, I wait. My Consultant is not seeing me until all results are back ~ I am pinning an awful lot of hope and faith in him being able to diagnose and then treat me. So I potter, behind the lens, in my garden. Hopeful of the day I can find new sights to capture and enjoy.

For now though, I leave you with these, same material but different view ~ I do hope you enjoy them .




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