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Little Steps become bigger ones

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I have neglected this blog sorely over the past few months and have given myself a mental kick up the bum to get back at it!

Having my ability compromised by illness is no excuse for not picking up a camera and trying. So over the past few days I have picked up my camera and wondered into the garden in my pyjamas, escorted by my hairy hounds to sit and occasionally snap at whatever catches my eye.

I believe that little steps now will become bigger ones in the future, pacing and planning are the key.


I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was very limited in what to photograph as our back garden is very low maintenance, so had to really look around me and use my imagination.

Here are a few of my snaps from the garden, I hope that at some point in the future I can venture further than my front door and capture new images with different backdrops. These small steps outside armed with camera I hope will become bigger ones away from home ~ even if it’s just to the local park.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this amateur photographers enthusiastic shots of “stuff” I saw through my lens.

Flying things…

Plant Life…

Random Images…


Dark thundering skies..

My dogs…

Taylor had me howling when he was “hiding” behind the yucca plant leaves ~ he genuinely thought he was invisible. Whenever I looked at him he would stand stock still. When I looked away, sneakily looking at him through my peripherals ~ he would move and watch me. It was brilliant, Taylor is a wonderful loving hound but boy is he daft!

Loki was working his “cape” having belly crawled to turn it down into cape from lampshade mode. He was uber stealthy chasing the butterflies who dared to venture towards the buddleia ~ making it very difficult for me to photograph them.

What do you enjoy as a hobby? I find it frustrating at times to not be able to do more, but these past few days have taught me that it is far better to do something rather than nothing.

Wishing you all a good week ahead and hope to be posting on here a little more frequently in the future. Reasons why I have been struggling are on my personal blog ~ for those who may be interested.  However, those topics I leave from this space because I want it to be a happy place to follow my adventures behind the lens, wherever that may take me.







  1. Amazing photography! I love the nails and locks. My kids are always laughing at me when I stop and take a photo of an unusual rock or something – now I know I’m not alone in my creativity! 😉

    20th August 2017
    • Shelley I love that I’m not alone in this too ~ I get ribbed by my family all the time too 😄💜

      20th August 2017

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