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Our matching tattoos ~ “M” for Mawer & heart becoming infinity symbol entwined with it.

I feel just so immensely lucky right now, despite being in a great deal of abdominal pain over the weekend (and dosed up on pain killers). Today I visited the GP who after a thorough examination informed me I have infected inflamed gut and so need two simultaneous courses of antibiotics, along with pain killers as I have now a new condition called diverticulitis! Oh the joy! So pee sent off for further analysis after dipping it showed up white blood cells and scan request form sent off so waiting for appointment to check ovaries, gut and all that area I started to feel sorry for myself. So gave myself a shake and realised I also have a heck of a lot to be happy about, in fact I am incredibly lucky! I have a husband I have known almost all my life and despite everything that we have been through, one thing has remained unchanged and that’s the love we have for each other. Not only has it not remained strong but become richer, deeper and more keenly felt than ever before.

Yesterday, 5th June, was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. We had planned to renew our Wedding Vows in a non-religious ceremony on 11th June (as venue wasn’t free on the 5th), to reflect our beliefs and to re-affirm our love for each other surrounded by our friends and family. Unfortunately, due to me suffering from ME and going through a rough patch right now, the big celebration and get together had to be cancelled. However, it felt enormously important to both myself and Dave to go forward with renewing our vows, we are at a time in our life where we feel this is something we needed to affirm together and recognize what we have come through and how we are right now.

So we spoke to our celebrant about the possibility of him still performing the ceremony but instead of at the chosen venue to come to our home, where we would do it with just the girls and Keisha’s boyfriend, George, with us. He said yes, and was even able to accommodate changing the date so that we could have the ceremony on our actual wedding anniversary on the 5th of June.

Us on 5th June 1993 on our first wedding day

So, the date was set and we turfed out all the accumulated junk that was gathering in our conservatory and cleaned it up a bit to make it clean enough to hold the ceremony in.

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I adore purple, so we covered a table with a purple cloth and spread purple fabric petals everywhere. Both myself and Dave have new titanium wedding rings for the occasion to replace our old ones and so polished them up and put them on the table in their boxes.

We were incorporating a “Sand Ceremony” into the proceedings to involve the girls and needed a receptacle for the sand ~ it just so happened that we had a lovely bowl shaped shallow vase given to us on our original wedding day which was inscribed and dated by the people who gave it to us ~ which was perfect. We had sand from Filey beach (my happy place) which George, Keisha’s boyfriend was going to pour in as the base layer and then each of us in turn would layer our coloured sand into the vase to show that our lives are intertwined together through love. We each had a specific drinking vessel with our sand inside to use to pour the sand into the vase. Dave was dark green in a whisky glass (as folks who know ‘im know he does love his American whiskeys), I used a wine glass (surprise, surprise) to pour my purple sand, Keisha had a frosted mug with hot vegan Keisha on it and had pale green sand, Tasha a skull handle-less mug with black sand and finally Tara a frosted mug with her name and make-up design on it with her red sand.

Alan, our celebrant, arrived in plenty of time for the 2pm kick off – but boy was it hot! We were in the conservatory with doors open, fan going and air con unit at full blast but we still felt as if we were melting. Throughout the ceremony both myself and Dave were hugely emotional, more so than on our first wedding day ~ it felt incredibly intimate and special especially as we were surrounded by our daughters and our Hairy Trio too. At one point Skyla decided to dig the sofa whilst Loki lay on the celebrants feet!

Once we had exchanged rings and completed the sand ceremony we had a toast to celebrate the occasion. Then a quick signing of the certificate and photo opportunity with the celebrant before he had to leave. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the girls and George listening to music, drinking wine and fizz, whilst also enjoying cake and summer fruits after sampling Dave’s yummy home-made burgers.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect, it was casual, intimate, magical ~ just everything we could have wished it to be.

Both myself and Tara set up our cameras on tripods to film the event. THEN after Tara completes her GCSE exams she said she will edit it for us along with photos of myself and Dave from the beginning to present day to keep as a memento of the event.

Here are a few photos of our day, it was just so wonderful and when I am stronger we will be having a huge belated celebration with all our friends and family.

table laid out ready waiting for the sand to arrive with the celebrant
our “vessels” holding our coloured sand
waiting for the fizz to be added for the toast
our new titanium matching wedding bands
Me signing the certificate
Dave signing certificate
Pop corked and fizz poured ready for celebratory toast
Us with Alan (our celebrant) after the ceremony
The newly “reweds”
Our inscribed vase a wedding gift from 1993 filled with our sand
cutting the very home~made minimal gluten free/vegan salted caramel chocolate wedding cake I made earlier
Tasted delicious with strawberries and cream (alpro cream)
Us with the girls before the wine started flowing
Just very happy

Thank you for joining us (by reading this blog) to celebrate our union and continued happiness for the future. Also, just a ps really ~ if there are typo’s etc in this blog please forgive me as foggy due to pain and rattling from all my meds! 🙂


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