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Lying on my stomach on the garden path..

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Limited as I am with material to photograph I decided, as it was a lovely day, to lie on my stomach on the garden path to see what I could see.

A few wee critters decided to pop out and say hello and so I shifted left, right, sometimes wiggled forward to take their picture. I also took a few snaps of the “things” I saw in the grass, such as a half broken eggshell, a feather caught in the grass and some garden weeds.

Here are the snaps I took ~ starting off with “The Story of a Ant”..

Here is a very tiny ~ about the size of my pinky finger nail ~ black and white spider, which l named the Zebra Spider..

A lone woodlouse made a brief appearance..


The small eggshell lay on the grass right near the path ~ I hope the chick survived..

A couple of flies made a appearance..

These are just a few photos of the surrounding area from my view point on the ground..

Finally, once upright I took a couple of bee snaps..







  1. That is so cool! You get a totally different perspective when looking at your garden that way. Great photos.

    17th April 2018
    • Thank you ~ I was ready to roll away from the spider should it move towards me though 😀

      17th April 2018

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