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Macro Meddling

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I’ve been out with my macro lens, extension tubes, tripod and 4 way slider. It was not a success!

The tripod is good and sturdy ~ the monopod (which comes free from the tripod and part of the central column where you fix your camera) is more tricky to use. I find balancing the monopod whilst trying to manually adjust the slider tricky, but the beauty of the monopod is that is more flexible to adjust quickly to get closer to the subject.

So, after trying and failing with the slider on the monopod I decided to go back to the tripod setup.

Now, I have no idea how you super dooper awesomely clear macro photographers get the shot ~ seriously, I am flummoxed. I used the 36mm extension tube (part of a trio which come with mix and match 20mm, 12mm or the 36 mm tubes). I had previously tried the three together on my macro lense which gave awesomely clear shots but usually of the legs disappearing the the side of the image as the subject scarpered before I was ready to take the shot ~ rude!

So, I plumped for the 36mm and attached it to my macro lense ~ I am determined to get some good shots, even though it may take me a while! I plan in the future to use each of the extension tubes seperately and mix and match them together to find the combination that suits me best. I have a feeling this is going to take months!

The thing is, although I really struggle with macro I really love it. There is something so satisfying when after firing of 100’s of shots you find one clear good image.

I need to learn how to work with the light and when to dig out my flash ring and practice, practice, practice.

So for now I leave you with some hit and miss macro shots ~ some of the “misses” I quite like, I enjoy the blur effect.

We have a robin who likes to fly above my head, zipping back and forth across the garden but never landing within shooting distance. I had all but given up on getting any photos of this elusive bird, having had him taunt me relentlessly. THEN, I was quitely sitting on the garden wall in the shade watching the dogs, camera obviously round my neck ~ I don’t like to be separated from it, when this little bird flew up and looked at me ~ he was ready for his photo shoot. I had to be quick as he didn’t stay long ~ only long enough for me to fire off theses shots. The sun was coming from behind him which didn’t make it easy. Here are my attempts at taking this fella’s portrait..

I also found a few critters in the garden, they seem to be few and far between ~ I wonder if the sun is too much for them and they are under leaves and bushes, away from my prying lens…

Then, as I was keeping the dogs company ~ little Loki likes someone to be in the garden with him to through things for him to fetch and play tug with, I had a meander around the garden and took a few random shots..

I have to admit that I love being in the garden with the dogs, but it comes with drawbacks. When I lie on the ground trying to shoot ants, spiders, or whatever may bumble along ~ Loki takes as an invitation to hump me. This results in my gently getting him to dismount and distract him with toys before getting back to it with my camera. Taylor is good ~ he ambles about and watches me, usually from a shady spot where he makes himself comfortable. Loki on the other hand follows me about  ~ watching what I am doing and often ~ when I spot a canditate to shoot ~ he watches and then helpfully eats the subject and looks up for praise for being such a helpful dog! Mind you ~ could you resist this cute face ~ he gets forgiven for almost everything..


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