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Macro ~ my new “thing”

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I love macro, not two ways about it ~ whether taking pictures of bugs, flowers or random objects. I find looking at things close up interesting, sometimes trying to get an angle so that it leaves the viewer wondering what they are looking at exactly.

I am still very much a novice with my new macro lens, after all it’s only had three wee outings whilst I potter around my garden. So far not taken any “bug” pictures with my new lens, only used my normal one for those so far, which makes me itch to try it out when bugs season starts!

I’ve been looking through my images at macro photos from last year and those taken recently with the new lens and am extremely fond of them all, even the not so good ones. I presume my fondness for them is due to them being part of my journey. I feel I am growing as a hobbyist photographer and then slowly my images are improving.

Nothing though can dampen my enthusiasm and sheer joy of losing myself with my camera. Playing with the different settings and seeing what kind of image they produce. For me personally letting go of the rules, not using “correct” settings such as ISO and aperture but flicking around and playing about is more fun. I think the way I take photographs would make professional photographers frustrated with me.

Perhaps I could take clearer shots, perhaps I do miss opportunities messing about ~ but that’s the beauty of having a hobby like this. It’s for my own pleasure ~ what you see when you look at the images is different for each and every one of us. Some may like them, others not, photography like all art forms relies on individuals perception of what they are viewing and their decision of whether or not it pleases them.

I thought I would share with you some images I have taken, some last year and some this. The latter images taken with my new macro lens and the former with my everyday lens.

Everyday lens..

Macro lens..









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