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Mama Mia!

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Today was a good day.

This morning after preparing a picnic and collecting all kinds of gear, gardening gloves, scissors, faux flowers, real flowers, zip ties, silver enamel paint and tiny weeny paint brushes I hopped into the car with offspring number 2.

Our destination was Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire, with two goals ~ to visit my mother~in~law and my mum. Both women are in cemetries within close proximity of each other.

First stop was my dads, where we made him jump out of his skin by knocking on his kitchen window as he made a sandwhich. He didn’t know we were coming to the ‘Shire and with a big grin he let us in. We each used the loo, hugged dad and said we would return before travelling back to Derby.

From dads we visited mother~in~law who resides in a lovely spot in Kirkby on Bain church yard directly opposite the church door. Armed with no nails we cleaned up the urn and secured it firmly onto the plinth. Then once all correctly in place we tidied around it and added some fresh spray carnations.  All in all I think it looks great..

Once we had said our goodbyes we left to see my mum ~ who resides in the cemetary just outside of Woodhall Spa. It’s a beautiful spot surrounded by trees, and fields on all sides.

Our mission was to tidy up mums grave as the lettering on her plaque had eroded away and it was looking tired and sorry for itself.


Before we started work ~ we ate! We hadn’t had breakfast and after the two and a bit hour journey then visits to dad and mother~in~law it was getting well past our lunchtime. So we dug into sarnies, crisps, fruit salad, garlic olives and vegan sausage rolls ~ delish!

Mum loved musicals and loved the film Mama Mia ~ so we queued up a load of Abba music (along with one or two of our kind of songs between) and played it through the blue tooth speaker as we worked.

First job was to cut away all the overgrowth of moss and grass, then to thoroughly clean the plaque ready for painting. I was a little over enthusiastic cleaning and managed to fill my shoes with soil and grass!


We had a small pot of silver enamel paint and two paint brushes. Armed with wipes to clean away any over spill of paint we worked head to head lying on the grass.

Finally our work was done ~ three coats later the lettering now looks like new.

We replaced the centre faux flowers with some faux roses and had nowhere to put the spray carnations ~ so I popped them in a vase on the grave of one of mums friends instead.

It was emotional, tiring and satisfying work and a day full of happiness amongst the odd tear.

The journey home was hard on my body after having done the drive to the ‘Shire it was not in the mood for driving back at all and screamed at me. Added to the stress of the journey was my car playing up, juddering as I accelerated which worried me so a steady 50 mile an hour drive was all I dared do.

At 8.30pm we arrived back home. A long day but a good day.



  1. What a lovely excursion. Your mum’s grave looked beautiful when you finished it!

    4th July 2018
    • It really was a lovely day, the trees shaded us from the heat of the sun and we were surrounded by fields, sounds of birds and insects. We also pretty much had the place to ourselves which was lovely. It really felt like we had spent the day with mum, chatting about her and playing music for her too xx

      8th July 2018

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