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May = M.E. Awareness Month

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May is the month to shout out about ME and raise awareness, if we all holla loudly enough then folks should sit up and take notice. All kinds of shenanigans is planned for this month, you can keep updated on many of the events by following the great blog by “Let’s Do It For ME” who fund-raise for Invest in ME Research projects.

Also, not content with having a whole month for awareness we also have a special International Awareness Day which is always held on May 12th.

Fact: Did you know why May 12th was international ME Awareness Day? Well, I have been reliably informed via Invest in ME website that “12th May is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday (who is thought to have suffered M.E. on her return from the Crimea) and is the focal point of ME Awareness Month.”

Throughout the month of May all kinds of folks band together and raise funds for their chosen ME charity. I chose Invest In ME Research as my charity, quite simply because they do amazing work. Not only raising awareness but also putting together annual conferences for medical professionals, as well as patients, care-givers and anyone else interested, to learn more about the illness and to get them talking, to promote research and getting people on board with helping patients throughout the country to ensure they get the best care possible. In their own words “Invest in ME is about education, publicising and lobbying regarding the treatment of ME sufferers in the UK and regarding the need for a national strategy and ring-fenced public funding of biomedical research into ME.” (see I told you they were fab!) If you are interested yourself or want to give the nod to your GP or Consultant who treats you or a friend/family member then look no further ~ Invest in ME have a page just for you about the International ME Conference 2016 which is held in June. More information can be found here

So, seeing as myself and two of my daughters have this damnable illness I have decided this year to do this on my own. My girls with ME are taking time to try and catch up on missed education and studying hard via Nisai Virtual Academy and Twenty Twenty, plus my eldest daughter is in full swing of year end final assignments at Uni, so I really don’t want to distract them from their studies. Instead I shall take a full day to do my Walk for ME and I am doing it on the last day of the ME Awareness Week ~ I know! We have an awareness month, a day and also a whole week ~ all in May ~ how fabulous is that?

So anyhoo, I was saying, my walk is on the last day of the ME Awareness Week, which this year runs from Wed 11th May through to Tue 17th May. I have chosen 17th May as my walk date because it also happens to be my birthday. I will be a mere 47 years young and spending a week  at my favourite place, our caravan in Filey, right near the sea. On the day I shall be seen shuffling with my supports on and stick/s from bench to bench until I reach my destination of the beach (let’s hope the weather is with me on the day). Spend some time resting, watching the waves, eating my picnic before shuffling again bench to bench until I get back to my caravan, where I shall celebrate with an enormous slice of chocolate cake and a glass of chilled Chablis!

If you fancy popping in a donation, even £1, it would be hugely appreciated (by not only myself, my sore swollen ankles and body, but also by the researchers who receive the funds and can continue working hard on our behalf).

The link for my justgiving page is: ~


If you would rather donate via your mobile, you can enter the following text code: ~


Now all I have to do in preparation is plan my picnic for my special day, making sure I pack my bib, blanket and camera! Fingers crossed and hoping the weather is with me. However, I am prepared for all eventualities and come rain or shine I shall walk to the beach, picnic and return! No soggy sarnies for me, oh no! I shall be splendidly protected with my purple waterproof poncho and umbrella hat should it prove necessary!

Okay, I’ve blathered on enough so I’ll be leaving now, but be warned, the next time I catch up with you all I will be sharing all my photos of my Walk, the uber delicious picnic, and celebratory drink and cake once safely back in my ‘van.

Big loves to y’all


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