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Meet Manson

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I have a new car, I fell in love with it on first sight, which surprised me as it’s not something I had ever seriously considered owning.

i do hope people won’t find Manson offensive, to me it’s repurposing a car that would otherwise be left to rot. He really is beautiful and a gem to drive.

Manson is my new to me American 1993 Cadillac Brougham Hearse. It’s truly beautiful, I love it and am keeping it for the foreseeable future. Its automatic and surprisingly nippy and very comfortable. The front seats three people and I am toying with the idea of sourcing a original Cadillac bench seat to create a folding back seat to enable the whole family to travel in it ~ plenty of boot space!

The last owner must have owned a Halloween decoration shop because the Caddy was filled to the brim with spider, snakes, skulls, bats, you name it ~ it had it! To top it off it also had a terrible homemade coffin covered with glued on flies, maggots and fairy lights!

My first job was to empty out all the tat from the inside of the car, including the awful home made coffin. Next was the time consuming removal of all the tacky and offensive stickers pasted on the outside of all the windows. It took hours but it was worth it.

The next step ~ full valet inside and out. I needed someone who could remove all the transfered fake blood from the fake severed ankles etc onto the surface of the base of the inside of the back. I was also horrified to find that the hideous muslin stuff had been glued onto the fabric of the sides of the back.

Valetting done and the car is looking fantastic ~ all we need now is a real coffin in the back, a black one with chrome fittings and fixtures. That, like the folding back bench seat will be something that will happen one day in the future. We need to search and source just the right bench seat and coffin to ensure that it sits right with the car.

The installation of a coffin won’t be for macabre effect but for customers who want to hire the use of the car for photo or film ventures. We can then either hire it out with or without coffin depending on the needs of the customer.

So here he is now, all cleaned up for his first photo shoot..

To say I’m a happy bunny would be an understatement.



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  1. Pete

    That is surreal! I can’t see some of the pics on my tab but I love the title photo of the Caddy badge. Fix the cigarette lighter ( yeah, I know)

    11th August 2018

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