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Meet my new feet!

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My new feet arrived this morning, in a large white box via a bemused courier. I don’t think he had ever seen anyone so excited about receiving a pair of crutches before.

These aren’t any crutches, they are far more than that ~ they are smart crutches!

When you order them you have to choose the size best suited for you. To do this you need to know your height ~ for the lower leg length and your forearm length ~ for the cuff size. Then finally you choose the colour you want them in, obviously I chose purple.

Having already watched the videos on how to set them up I ripped open the box and set to it.

They are really very easy to assemble. First you have to adjust the angle for the arms, so that the pressure on your shoulders, arms and wrists is evenly dispersed.

Next, you have to make sure to adjust the length of the arm rest using a wing nut on the side, which you pull in or out to get the right length to suit your arm for optimum comfort.

Finally, you have to make sure that the length is just right. They are very easy to adjust just like normal crutches. Once I had them at a length where my shoulders were relaxed and not pushed up by the crutches I was good to go.

Then ~ freedom to walk without too much pressure through my ankles and weight dispersed evenly through my shoulders, arms and wrists.

All I can say is that these crutches are the bomb, totally awesome and hopefully allow me to walk more and keep that wheelchair folded up in storage for a little longer.

PLUS, with the arms designed as they are, I can still do my photography whilst using them ~ which is a huge bonus.


I’m off to see my GP later about my depression (review) and ankle pain/swelling, so will be showing her these bad boys while I am there.

Okay, I’m tootling off now to practice with my new feet ~ catch you later.



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