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Mental Health & M.E. – let’s talk about it!

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As the end of both M.E. Awareness and Mental Health Awareness weeks draw to a close I just wanted to share with you the two blog posts I wrote specifically for the purpose of raising awareness.  
I have been brutally honest in accounting our story and hope that it helps others who are currently feeling alone and needing help and support – please go to your GP and ask for help, get yourself referred for assessment ~ you don’t have to suffer in silence, help and support is out there.  Don’t be fobbed off and follow your gut if you feel something is wrong.  We have found that sometimes you have to persevere if you don’t get the referral you want first time.  There are links above, under my blog title which will take you to Invest in ME Research, Let’s Do It for ME and Black Dog Tribe should you want to look for further links and information.
I am hoping that the biomedical research that is underway will lead to future diagnostic tests, treatments and cures for M.E. and that people continue to talk about both ME and Mental Health issues to de-stigmatise them.
Thank You
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