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Mini Break

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My husband’s business deals in buying and selling American car parts, plus also importing parts and other stuff on behalf of customers either by container via boat or air freight. One of his pals also imports odds and sods from America and so they share the containers and Dave gets some of his parts delivered to his pals unit for convenience.

It so happens that this pal of Dave’s lives in Essex and some air freight had arrived for him to collect. Instead of driving there and back in a day he decided to take me away for a mini-break and booked a wee Holiday Inn for us in Braintree.

Our mode of transport was a big silver, well parts of it are still silver, other parts are more rust coloured, van. The radio was a bit hit and miss, it only played one channel which changed as we drove, depending on strength of signal we had classic fm, local radio stations and hit and miss radio 2.  It didn’t have air con and so we had our windows fully down for the duration of the journey, the breeze when driving was lovely but when still it was a tad on the hot ticket.

I love our British countryside and can’t imagine ever living anywhere else but England. I decided to occupy myself along the journey by taking random photos of the scenery out of the window as we drove.

Eventually we reached Daves pals unit, I hopped out for a little stretch of the legs whilst Dave loaded up the van. Daves mate then gave us the keys of his jag and lent us the use of his car for the duration of our stay, saying it would be more comfortable for us than the van. He wasn’t wrong ~ it had air con, need I say more?

The area around the unit was lined with trees and led onto a public pathway. Everywhere I looked I could see spider webs on top of hedges, along the bushes and near the ground. Funnily enough even though there were numerous webs I didn’t see a single spider. Here are the mysterious spiderless cobwebs…

I also spied a few ladybirds and other critters on my short meander along the hedgerow ~ to be honest I walked a little distance and then sat down in the shade to rest. These are the critters spied along the hedgerow..

The Holiday Inn was comfy and clean, so when we arrived we crashed out and had a nap. Opposite the hotel was a Toby Carvery and so later we popped across and had a delicious roast dinner!

Dave’s mate and his wife met us the following day for dinner, they took us to a fantastic Thai restaurant called Siam Thai, it only has 5 tables which can be pulled apart to make smaller tables ~ so booking is vital if you plan on going. The owner is amazing, we couldn’t decide on what to order, it all looks delicious, so she created a tasting sharing menu for four just for us.  All I can say is that nothing could be faulted, the flavours and textures were fantastic, the attention to customer service was excellent and at all times the restaurant was full, as tables emptied they filled almost immediately. It is tiny but don’t let that put you off because the food is incredible. The photos below are from their website and show how cute it is ~ if you are in the area then you can go to their website to view the menu and book online;

The next day we went to Colchester Zoo ~ I was like a giddy kid! It was baking hot,  it felt airless and the Zoo wasn’t too busy. We had the map to plan our route and spent the full day there. My purple stick was utilised heavily and I regretted not bringing my crutches as walking would have been much easier with them. Thankfully the Zoo has a number of watering holes dotted around and I think by the end of the day we had consumed six one litre bottles of water each. We enjoyed the shaded seating areas thoughtfully spaced around the site too ~ which meant I could walk a little sit and watch the animals and rest before walking a little more. We loved watching the Hyenas being fed and Dave was lucky enough to pull two birds while we were there too.

After the zoo we were knackered and so had a quiet last night. The next morning we returned to the unit to drop off the Jag and pick up our van and journey home.

I thoroughly enjoyed our wee mini break in Essex, a beautiful neck of the woods with cute thatched cottages and stunning scenery. The locals were all friendly and helpful which made our stay thoroughly enjoyable.

Since returning home I crashed out with huge post exertional malaise hitting hard but it was most definitely worth it. I will most definitely be returning one day to explore more of the area, next time though I will make sure I pack the crutches.






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