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Minty Fresh

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Don’t you just love it when you forget you have ordered something and when it arrives you can enjoy the thrill of unwrapping it to discover what it is?

Today a small brown cardboard box was delivered to our house and it was addressed to me. Completely confused and wondering what on earth it could be I opened it.

Inside the package was a cute box containing toothpaste, not your standard run of the mill toothpaste, oh no ~ it was a special allergy free toothpaste in a glass jar with a spatula to transfer the paste onto the brush.

Now due to my multiple allergies I have been searching far and wide for a “safe” toothpaste. Normal toothpaste causes spots around my mouth, dermatitis around my lips and it burns the skin inside my lips plus my tongue ~ so not too attractive.

I had high hopes for the toothy tabs from Lush but unfortunately after a few days I had a rather uncomfortable reaction to them. Lush were fantastic and refunded me for them, however the refund was a voucher so my first born daughter used it to get a shampoo bar for herself as I can’t have any of their products now.

Then, quite by accident, whilst scrolling through Twitter I came upon Georganics, clicking on the link I found their website and specifically found their toothpaste range. I chose the English peppermint flavour, as I’m not a spearmint kinda gal.

The peppermint essential oil which added to my choice of paste, is allegedly effective in killing anaerobic bacteria. So it protects against gum disease plus it is also fluoride free (debatable subject I know), SLS free (SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, this is the chemical used in toothpaste to create the foaming action. It can cause or irritate existing allergies, canker sores and bad breath, so this is why it is important for me to find SLS free toothpaste) and it’s glycerin free too, (glycerin can coat your teeth and prevent them from bathing in saliva, which is your bodys natural protection against cavities. Saliva helps neutralise acids in your mouth and can help carry minerals).

If you are like me and need to always be checking ingredients, the peppermint paste contains;

Calcium Carbonate#

Caprylic & Capric Triglyceride#


Cocos Nucifera Oil*#

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*#

Diatomaceous Earth*#

Sodium Bicarbonate#

Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil*#

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*#

Citrus Limon Peel Oil*#


Ocimum Basilicum Oil*#

* = Organic Soil Association # = Food Grade

Thankfully all the above are “safe” for me, which is fantastic ~ at last I have found something!

I’ve not used a non~foaming toothpaste before so tonight’s brushing of teeth will be a new experience. As it’s a first I will take heed of the “directions for use” which I usually ignore, as I like to do things my way and don’t like following rules. The instructions are pretty simple though; “Use your Georganics spatula to scoop a pea-sized amount onto a soft/medium toothbrush. Brush as usual for 2 minutes, leave longer for extra remineralization. Make sure no water enters the jar to avoid bacteria growth. Once the jar is opened store in a warm, dry place for up to 12 months.”

To make me feel even better about my purchase the cute box it came in is made from compostable craft paper with vegetable ink. The paste is packaged in a glass container and comes with a cute bamboo spatula. Then, being environmentally friendly it is PETA cruelty free plus it’s also vegan certified.

My purchase is fabulously plastic free, it has zero waste packaging and everything is either recyclable or biodegradable.

I’ll let you know in a week or so how I get on with it ~ crossing fingers I don’t react to this too.

Recently my health has taken a downward spiral, I seem to be reacting to almost everything. On top of that I am having to use my crutches to get around both outside and in the home. My hips and ankles are very painful and I am hoping my referral to address the bursitis and Achilles issues will come through sooner rather than later.

My husband remarked today how much I had changed for the worse over the past few weeks and we both are hanging a lot of hope on the various physio therapies I have been referred to.

So far no news from DWP regarding my PIP claim. I have read so many posts about how very few people are awarded it without going through the appeal process ~ which has made me feel anxious, knowing there is no guarantee that I will be awarded it even after a appeal.

I am focusing on positives though, I have a good physio plan which will span over a year or more. While I’m waiting for that I’m not to do any specific exercise and Tae Chi is off limits, as I may inadvertently cause further damage.

Dave has been fabulous, he’s my carer and best friend, he is always looking out for me. He has been understanding of my conditions to the extent of helping me fill in forms, accompanying me to medical appointments and taking over cooking and shopping. So all in all I am exceptionally lucky, something I remind myself when I’m feeling sorry for myself.

On Monday we go back to the hypnotherapist. This time Dave will have a session fitting a gastric band and then after a break (for the hypnotherapist to have some lunch), I will have my follow up session.

Since my virtual gastric band I have lost a stone and my clothes are noticeably looser on me. I have been told to throw away the scales and so from now on will know how my weight loss is going by how my clothes fit me. I am happy around food and feel my approach to it now is a healthy one.

Last night Dave took me to a restaurant where they had a section on the menu for “mini meals” which I’d not come across before. When I eat out I enjoy 3 courses, but inevitably leave some of the starter and main as it’s too much food ~ pudding is always one serving with 2 spoons as we always share it. This pub cannily had a mini meal section to cater for folk like me. So I enjoyed a light starter, followed by a mini meal ~ I suppose it’s equal to a child’s portion, and my pud, with 2 spoons. It turned out cheaper, no wasted food and we were satiated but not stuffed. I think all food establishments should offer this option, just have a description of the meal and two prices, one for full and the other for mini portions.

Throwing out a question to my fellow spoonies, what do you do when your body is on a downward spiral to halt it and turn things around? I’m trying to be positive but part of me is frightened by how weak I seem to be becoming. I walk around the house holding on to furniture to get about, reminding me of the children as toddlers, cruising the furniture as they were learning to walk.

I believe that my health will improve in time, it’s just whether it will decline further before that happens. I have seen others improve and so firmly focus on that when self pity threatens to take hold.

Perhaps I should add a affirmation to focus on better health along with my others for weight loss and confidence. So for now I will continue to harness positive vibes and wait for them to kick in and boost a upward turn.


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