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My Dogs Make Me Happy

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I love my dogs, they genuinely make me happy.

The power of dog therapy is awesome, no matter how I feel Taylor (Border Terrier) and Loki (Jack Russell Pug Cross) are there by my side.

When sad they lick away the tears, when happy they jump and wag their tails in joy. When unwell they literally guard me, sitting beside or on me to warm me with their warm comforting bodies.

When Skyla (Border Terrier) passed prematurely the two boys mourned her hard. Taylor was devoted to Skyla and they were exceptionally close. Loki had looked upon Skyla as a mother and she groomed him and cared for him as a mother would. Prior to Skyla passing the boys weren’t that close, she was the glue that kept their little pack together. Since her passing the boys started to comfort each other and interact differently than before. They started licking each other and huddling together when resting or sleeping. Now they become anxious if parted and so wherever possible we keep them together ~ if one needs to see the vet they both go.

Since Skyla both boys are now very anxious when I leave them for any length of time, they follow me everywhere when I come home, even to the toilet. If I sit down they sit on top of me to be sure I don’t move.

Seeing them play together makes my heart smile, the close bond they now have is heartwarming.  Watching them chase around the garden together makes me laugh ~ Loki runs rings around Taylor, he drop and rolls then gets up to run the other direction. My lovely Taylor isn’t the brightest dog, whereas Loki (my middle daughter Tasha’s dog) is a bright cookie.

These photos are of them playing yesterday…


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