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New Life In The Garden

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I am SO excited!

After months of a desolate barren garden I am thrilled to see new life starting to creep in. During my latest venture round the garden I spied a cute teeny spider, 3 ladybirds, a tiny microscopic beetle having its way with another beetle, a fly, some slugs and worms, along with my regular lovely bird guests plus what may be a Osprey which has started flying very high above my garden every afternoon.

To complete my happiness we have booked a gardening handyman to glaze my greenhouse and build raised vegetable plots for me, along with moving my compost bins next to my “growing area” ~ all should be complete by the end of March and I am now researching what to plant, how and when. Another handyman will spend some time going around the garden and painting all our fence panels and posts. PLUS I’ll get my stone and rock water feature wired up and be able to enjoy the sounds of water as it falls over the rocks this summer.

I have purchased the seeds ready to sow bee and insect friendly meadow flowers onto the meadow side of the lawn at the end of April (as specified on the packets). Plus I’ll be adding some new pots of bee and insect friendly plants around the patio.

As if that’s not enough excitement for me we have also booked in the builder to start at the end of August to build our downstairs extension of bedroom and wet room ~ with space to enable us to have a Queen sized bed *squeals in excitement* and garden and patio views from the bedroom window.

While the building is going on the garden project will be completed by digging out the concrete slab which is under the old hot tub hut and extending the patio slabs to fill the area to make the patio neat and uniform. Fresh purple slate will then be distributed around the circumference area as before, where my pots stand.

I have re~sited the bird feeding station to the middle of what is to become the meadow lawn and the birds seem to prefer the new location, they are feeding like crazy and give me hours of pleasure watching them and listening to them sing in the overhanging trees.

So as well as reading up on gardening especially fruit and vegetable growing ~ I am also planning my wet room and new bedroom colour schemes and designs.

I have been spending time out in the garden daily and was surprised to note how many aircraft fly over our garden. East Midlands Airport isn’t too far away and so I assume many are coming and going from there, we also see smaller ~ presumably private ~ aircraft and many helicopters ~ especially the ambucopter which regularly is seen flying too and from the hospital which is only 5 minutes by car down the road from us.

I have, me being me, taking the odd snap or two of the garden activity which I’ll share with you and hope you enjoy them, my sort of visual diary. The frog photos were very random ~ a very fat frog just jumped out of nowhere onto the garden path by the gate separating the lawn and patio area ~ Taylor wanted to eat it but Loki just sniffed and observed.  SO, operation frog rescue was launched ~ I had to grab a bowl and put a little water in it ~ I then wet my hands and managed to pick up the frog, put it into the bowl and carry it across the garden and over the side of a fence, to safety. BUT the darned frog decided to come back under the fence and hop across our lawn. This meant I had to chase it, bowl in hand and knees out to keep Taylor back whilst trying to recapture the frog. It must’ve looked very amusing to any neighbours watching but I did finally manage to capture the frog and relocate it under some leaves behind a fence away from the dogs!


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