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New Toy & Focus!

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I HAVE A NEW TOY! It’s a photography sphere! 22140950_10155758065764555_6921164871132346974_n

I have yet to actually learn how to use the thing properly because being impatient and feeling bored and crap I decided to go ahead and have a play anyway.

My biggest issue was not getting my reflection in the sphere as I took the photos ~ I’ll probably kick myself when I actually read up on how to use it!

I promise once I have read up how to use it and understand how to get the most from it to follow up with another blog and let you know how I get on.

For now though, here are my random home and garden shots with it.

Okay, now I’ve shown you my new toy I had better go back to sharing with you how I am getting on with my photography course. After having several weeks being grumpy and poorly in bed or on the sofa I decided today to try and get back on the horse, so to speak.

This weeks lesson (no.3) is about focus, playing with my camera with the focus setting on manual so I have to set the focus for each shot. Initially I had to use it in AV mode and then on Manual mode.

As I am in a relapse physically and mentally due to my myriad of illnesses I struggled cognitively at times. Also due to the relapse the subject matter for my images is limited to my low maintenance garden. That being said I have finally (it took me ALL day) completed lesson 3 of my course.

My first exercise was to set out three objects on a table and set the camera on a tripod, so it was fixed in the same position for three consecutive shots. With the focal point settings on manual I then had to photograph the focal point on the nearest object, middle object and then finally the furthest object from me. Then to look at the three photos to see how the focus changes. It’s a quick, easy way to see how the shot changes.

For this assignment I popped three shells onto a tablecloth and took the shots. Then applying the same technique I focus on a screwdriver, looking at the handle, shaft and then point. Here are the results.

1 nearestwm
Focus on nearest shell
1 middlewm
Focus on middle shell
1 furthestwm
Focus on furthest shell
focus on handlewm
Focus on the handle
focus on middle wm
Focus on the stem
focus on point wm
Focus on the point

The following assignments after that were related to looking at things on your camera and working out what the various buttons and settings do ~ so no images were taken for these.

I also had to work out what was the “sweet spot” for my camera in order to get the sharpest images. According to google the sweet spot for my lens is roughly f7~ish ~ but I’m not sure, perhaps its my eyesight, which isn’t that great ~ but looking at these images I think f/4 and f/8 are the clearest. I think the only real way to work it out would be to take an awful lot more photographs of different subjects then sit down and review the images. I plan to do this whilst I am away on holiday and have the time next week.

After doing this I then had to take different images in AV mode and try to take the clearest images possible using the “sweet spot” and manual focal points. Once I had done that then I had to take photographs in Manual mode, setting the ISO, the focal point, exposure time and f number.

Here are a few of the images taken, I am too tired to tell you which are which (AV or Manual) but you can see that the focal points are different in various images and some are clearer than others while I tried to find the “sweet spot”.

For lesson 4 I am going to be learning about JPEG/RAW/TIFF. I know what a JPEG is but haven’t heard of the others, so that will be interesting!

I am not quite sure when I’ll get round to completing the next lesson because I’m going away on holiday next week. My holidays are my respite time, mostly sitting watching the sea wrapped up warm or resting in front of a film ~ or sleeping.

I can’t guarantee doing anything at all but will try to get down to the beach with my sphere if I can or the cliff tops.

Depending on health issues, relapses and sheer idleness, it’s most likely my next blog will be random holiday photos and nothing to do with lesson 4.

‘Til next time..


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  1. Liam Bluck
    Liam Bluck

    I just came across this blog while browsing on twitter. Thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment from Yorkshire and will be reading g through the rest ASAP. Keep up the good work. Liam

    15th November 2017

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