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Note To Self

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Note to self ~ listen to your own advice!

Siri has kindly assisted me in writing this blog but the pair of us cannot fathom how to justify & centre parts of it so please forgive and bear with (also ignore typo’s or spelling errors).

Okay, hand up, I have been guilty of the do as I say, not as I do approach to this damn illness. Caring for my two youngest daughters with this condition for the past 6 years should mean that I know better ~ shouldn’t it?

Ha! *insert sarcastic snort* Being massively stubborn I have been pushing against my body and trying to get things done. had I listened to my own advice I most probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

In my previous blog I acknowledged my decline in health and made some decisions regarding the future. However, this morning brings with it massive post exertion malaise (PEM) and the realisation that I really do need to learn to do as I say to the girls and pace.

What is pacing? Briefly (and correct me if I’m wrong) the most simplistic way to explain it is to go slow, learn to understand your body and its new limitations then make adjustments. This means to plan your activity into small realistic pockets of activity ~ this includes washing, dressing and eating as well as watching TV, working, cleaning etc. Ensure you plan regular periods of rest into your day ~ by rest I mean no music, TV or radio on, just lying or sitting down in a relaxing position, emptying your mind and zoning out for at least 30 minutes at a time. Then there is the golden rule which is to stop any activity, whatever it is, BEFORE you become tired.

Erm, stop before tired? Chunk activity? Oops! I stubbornly decided to declutter my downstairs where I spend most of my day (when not trapped in bed by not listening to myself) which I have managed to do ~ it looks great and is a much more restful environment for me so I am thrilled to have it completed but it came at a cost.

So this is my apology to The Dave, who after chiding me has brought me up water, painkillers, coffee and breakfast. He has telephoned my rehab team to give my apologies for not making it today and is taking over my chores for today. He is a gem of a husband and this goes out to him, honey ~ I bloomin’ love and appreciate you and promise to try to behave in future!

The Hairy Trio have taken it upon themselves to be my guards and ensure I behave, the heat emanating from their little bodies is helping my sore muscles and joints too ~ like wheat bags, all soft, warm and soothing but with loving licks, wagging tails and companionship.

My Hairy Companions

What has this horrid physical crash taught me? That if I plan to have any regular level of function I will have to change my approach to myself. I will have to face reality and accept denial is not helpful, my stubbornness has impacted on those around me, which isn’t fair. I am taking the shaking of heads and gentle reprimands from my family on the chin ~ to be honest they are being less harsh than I deserve. *hangs head sheepishly*
So, as I said earlier, note to self ~ listen to your own advice!

Top = goodish day / Bottom = today

Bathed in voltarol paineze gel, dosed up with codeine and amitryptaline, pillows plumped and surrounded by dogs thankfully I am now relatively comfortable. We’re past hump day and it’s almost the weekend so hoping y’all have a fabulous one, kick up a storm for me doing whatever floats your boat whilst I hibernate quietly, try to recover and behave!


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