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Our Glastonbury Walk for ME 2017

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Walk for ME was the brain child of Luke Remnant, Sarah-Louise Jordan and Ian McPhee and was founded in 2013. As a family we have supported this event since the beginning, so not only is it the 5th year anniversary for the fundraising event but also our 5th year of participating.

Since May 2013 The Walk for ME fundraising teams have grown from initially doing fundraising walks to also incorporating events such as sponsored swims, runs and rides across the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, France, Spain, Malaysia, New Zealand and both coasts of America.

The Walk for ME Team events have raised over £70,000 including gift aid so far.

This first picture is us in 2011, when Tara hadn’t long been diagnosed. We knew very little about the illness and even less about how to manage it. This photograph was taken before we did a fundraising walk for the The Young ME Sufferers Trust (TYMES Trust) ~ so not part of the “Walk for ME” fundraising, but included it as it was our first fundraising walk to help raise funds towards helping those suffering from ME. We walked 5 kilometres during the Easter Weekend in 2011.

Mawer Family Tanya (Mum), Tara (11), Dave (dad), Keisha (oldest sister aged 14) and Tasha (middle child aged 13)
Our first ME fundraising walk for TYMES Trust ~ from left to right Tasha, Keisha, Tanya, Dave & Tara in the front in the wheelchair

Here is a wee glimpse at our previous Walk for ME fundraising events and a few photos, it’s incredible how much we have changed over these few short years…

In 2013 it was just myself and Keisha who did the walk along with our two Border Terriers Taylor and Skyla. We walked a 10 mile route along the Cranfleet Trail which is a canal side walk with countryside either side of the canal. We were surrounded by swarms of midges the entire route. By the end of it we were damp, muddy and exhausted ~ but thrilled that we exceeded our fundraising target which made it all worthwhile.

2014 saw all of us doing the walk, but this time both Tasha and Tara were in wheelchairs as not well enough to walk. Again we went along the Cranfleet Trail because it’s such a lovely canal side walk. It was warm but windy, hence the windblown hair and Keisha who had not long since cut off her dreadlocks and shaved her head for Invest in ME Research had dyed what hair she had blue for ME.

Then for 2015 Keisha once again joined me along with her friend Paige. We yet again decided on the canal side walk of previous years (the pub for a drink afterwards was a great lure). We were very lucky with the weather and had a very enjoyable walk, although I was dragging my feet and suffering from very low energy, so the girls, being lovely, hung back to walk with me. Little did I know then that ME was causing my exhaustion as I had yet to be diagnosed.  Dave and Tasha stoically saved our seats in the pub beer garden whilst we were walking and had glasses full of cold liquid refreshment ready for us on our return. Tara was home in bed as not doing so well on the day.

2016 and Walk for ME was my birthday meander as my birthday falls during ME awareness week. I knew by now that I had ME and so took a slow winding route to the beach and back, with many a rest on the numerous benches along the way.

So now to 2017, our Walk for ME this year was walked by myself and hubby Dave, along with our two dogs Taylor and Loki. Due to my reduced mobility I utilised the aid of my faithful crutches and manned the bumbag full of dog treats and poop bags whilst Dave juggled the dogs. We decided to walk up the “hill” to the Tor for our walk but after a pre~walk check Dave realised the walk from the town car park to the base of the mound was way too much for me. Thankfully a very kind man let us park in his driveway as he lived at the foot of the Tor entrance. So, relying heavily on my crutches and ankle/wrist supports to get me there and back we set off. We had to take many a rest breaks as I struggled, especially on the way up. Once at the top we flopped onto the grass to rest and drink in the scenery. It was a lovely day and we thoroughly enjoyed just sitting back and chilling. The dogs welcomed the break too. Finally, once I felt strong enough, we started our descent. This was hard going too for me and the last part of the descent my legs from thigh to toe were trembling and “popping”. I honestly thought my legs were going to go from under me which made me panic a little. At last, and with a huge sigh of relief, we reached the car. Getting back out of the car was a trial ~ Dave parked directly in front of the cottage door and I sort of stumble walked in and collapsed on the sofa. My feet are like footballs and my legs don’t want to carry me BUT I DID IT! So now I will have to be good over the next few days and rest to recuperate from the exertion, no doubt PEM will kick my arse so behaving myself.

Here is a slideshow of the photos we took of our day, I hope you enjoy it…

It’s not too late to donate to our fundraising page. You can either donate via text ~ by following the instructions in the graphic below (the amount doesn’t have to be £5, that was just an example, you can donate whatever amount you wish)…

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or you can donate via our fundraising page on justgiving, in which case just click the link below…


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