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Our Walk for M.E. 2015

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Well, it’s Bank Holiday Monday and the weather isn’t looking promising ~ I have a feeling we’re in for a soaking!
Today is the day, we are walking for M.E. sufferers to raise funds for biomedical research and awareness into this illness.
Sadly Tara isn’t able to come with us as we had hoped, her M,E. has flared up and so she is safely tucked up in bed, with all of our three dogs fighting to take on the role of “Nana”. This illness is foul, it sucks up your energy, drains your limbs of any strength, jabs awful pain through your joints, inflames lymph nodes, creates sensitivity to light, sounds, smells ~ that is to name but a mere few of the symptoms. My youngest daughter is currently lying in the dark with black out blind drawn, with several duvets and blankets on her (as no matter what the temperature she is always cold), she has a migraine cool relief strip on her forehead to try and ease her head pain and trying not to move because of intense nausea. Simply put it breaks my heart to see her suffering and yet I am aware that there are many more sufferers out there who have it far, far worse.
So ~ for today we will put on our Invest in ME t-shirts and put smiles on our faces and go out there and try and drum up support from those who are not aware of this illness or it’s impact ~ we are on a mission!
We have our banner ready to place on a table along with information leaflets and sponsorship forms with sponsor collection tub ~ Dave and Tasha will sit in the bar to try and gain more sponsorships for us as we walk. It’s handy as our walk is along a canal side we picked the busiest bar along the way as our walk HQ.
Myself, Keisha (my eldest and only none M.E. sufferer out of my three daughters) and her friend Paige walked 5 miles along the canal side ~ taking pictures along the way and telling anyone who asked where they could find Dave and Tasha should they wish to pop to the bar to support our efforts.

We managed not to get wet, thankfully rain held off and celebrated afterwards with a delicious cold glass of white.

Here are our photo’s of our day…

At the half-way point before turning round to go back 🙂

If you would like to sponsor us it is not too late ~ our fundraising page will be open for some time yet ~ the link should you wish to donate is…
or if you prefer to donate via text then the code and number is:
We would like to thank everyone who has supported us either via “sharing” our posts or by donating, we have had a great day and lovely walk.
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