30 Days Brave//Part 1

I came across, quite by accident, a post about a "30 Days of Brave Challenge ".  The point of the challenge is to inspire you to change something in your life, to be brave, to be inspired. You can join up if you want via the webpage https://intentioninspired.com/30-days-of-brave  It is 100% free with no hidden catches.  I …

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Music & Memories

Angela who is a lovely friend from the bloggersphere wrote a blog about the soundtrack of her life and suggested that a few of us share our soundtracks through our blogs too.  You can read Angela's fabulous memories intertwined with music memorable to her here. Thinking back music has been important throughout my life but alas …

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A collection I could do without!

It is fabulous to see the sun shining and have all my windows and doors open. The aroma of freshly cut grass and blossoms wafting in with the wonderful background music of bird song serenading me. Our lawn is looking pretty as covered in buttercups and small flowers. The sunny weather brings with it some …

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It’s all about ME! #InternationalNursesDay #InternationalMEAwarenessDay #May12BlogBomb

Today the 12th of May 2017 it's all about ME! Why is May 12th both International M.E. Awareness day and International Nurses Day? The date chosen for these two days is down to just one very special and significant person ~ Florence Nightingale. 12th May was Florence Nightingales birthday, she was a nurse of great talent, foresight …

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Our Glastonbury Walk for ME 2017

Walk for ME was the brain child of Luke Remnant, Sarah-Louise Jordan and Ian McPhee and was founded in 2013. As a family we have supported this event since the beginning, so not only is it the 5th year anniversary for the fundraising event but also our 5th year of participating.