Adapting, Changing, Deciding

Over the past week conversations with my other half have been about making changes in all aspects of our lives to accommodate our limited finances and with those changes adapting our lives to make them as easy to accept as possible. The first decision was extremely difficult for us, but the right one for our … Continue reading Adapting, Changing, Deciding

That feeling when you find something you thought lost

I'm terrible for losing things, my most common offence is "putting things in a safe place" so that I would know where they are but then forgetting where that safe place was. I then lose whatever it was for various times until someone stumbles across it and can reunite me with it. I did this … Continue reading That feeling when you find something you thought lost

Allergy Patches

Allergy patch testing ~ what's all that about then? Hopefully this blog will help you understand the process should you find yourself having to undergo it yourself. On Friday morning I took a trip with my husband who is my chief supporter and driver. My appointment was with the Dermatological department to have 41 allergy … Continue reading Allergy Patches