What makes you happy?

What makes you happy? Life today runs at such a fast pace, with the rise of social media we all have the ability to compare our lives, successes and failures against others. This can lead to us becoming dissatisfied or worried about how we measure up, leading to stress and unhappiness with how our life … Continue reading What makes you happy?

Our Soul ~ what happens after death?

I've recently had discussions with various family members about what they think will happen to us after death.  Specifically, we wondered about the part of us that makes us "us" ~ our soul. I understand that those of you who have faith believe in the afterlife, that different faiths have varied versions of a Heaven. … Continue reading Our Soul ~ what happens after death?

The joy of a new font!

I saw the above photo on a friends timeline this morning on Facebook and I was amazed by how easily I could read it. The above image shows you what the dyslexie font looks like. Normally I struggle with reading blocks of writing, I have cognitive issues which are brought on by my chronic illnesses … Continue reading The joy of a new font!


At some point in life I believe everyone reaches a crossroads, the direction they choose to take then determines what path their life takes. It could be due to any matter of circumstance. To close a painful chapter, to expand professionally, to reflect on past choices just to name a few. For myself personally I … Continue reading Crossroads