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Photographs for Charity

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Every year the charity Let’s Do it For ME ask for us ordinary folk to submit entries into their competition to have our photographs transformed into their Charity Christmas Cards.  Sadly last year none of our photographs made the cut.  Not to be deterred we tried again this year.
Tasha loves photography but hasn’t been able to take many photographs recently due to her ME being severe at the moment. However, a few weeks ago we spent two days arranging glass beads, coffee beans, tea-lights and Christmas decorations to create three sets for our images.  We then took hundreds of photographs of these “sets” over two nights (we had to wait until it was dark to try and get the flame of the candles to really show up).  As you can imagine this took a huge amount of energy for Tasha to do this but we are thrilled with our results.
The competition is now in the voting stage, all images have to be voted for – those with the highest votes go through (I am unsure at this point whether there is then a short list and another round of voting or if this is the first and final vote for the successful images).
Both myself and Tasha share the same middle name “Marguerita” which was also my mothers name.  We felt it fitting that we enter the competition under the name Marguerita Mawer as a tribute to mum as December holds the anniversary of her birthday, death, funeral and wedding anniversary (so a tough month to negotiate). We are hoping with a little luck and a huge amount of support from anyone who feels compelled to vote for our entries, that at least one of our images will make the cut and be transformed into a Charity Christmas Card for us to then buy and send out this year to celebrate mums memory whilst also raising funds for a charity we a passionate about.

These are our entries

If you would like to help us to achieve our wish and have these images (or at least one of them) made into a Let’s Do It For ME Christmas Card you can vote for them here ~ you just have to scroll through the images (which are shuffled each time you enter the site) until you reach our entries.  If you do vote for us I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and Tasha.

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