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Playing With A Mirror

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I found a mirror lying around in my husbands office, part of a set of 4 which were once upon a time meant to be on a bedroom or bathroom wall somewhere at sometime. Over the years, I think they may have been languishing there for about 6 or so years, they were a little chipped at the edges and a little cloudy, despite my attempts to clean them.

I picked the best of the bunch and lay it on my dining room table before seeking items to put on it and photograph.

I’ve never done mirror photography and I’m sure there’s a technique. In short I struggled ~ the light was wrong and the ceiling spot lights and surrounding walls kept finding their way in the picture. Not to be deterred I ploughed on and hoped for the best.

First I’ll share the ones of the Russian dolls with you ~ I didn’t realise at the time as I wasn’t wearing my glasses, big mistake, that the dolls weren’t lined up properly ~ so their clothes look a little askew..

What really tickled me about this was how teeny tiny Putin is, I mean you need tweezers to pick him up he’s so wee. It’s a shame about the clothes not lining up ~ note to self, wear glasses!

So after the Russian dolls I found other objects ~ a lovely lace butterfly from a fabulous friend who lives in France, it resides on my meditation station…

My next objects were also a gift from a friend, who surprised me with a tray of succulents via the post, which really made my day..

After the succulents I was again drawn to a gift from another very talented artistic friend and so I used a picture she made for me too..

I then gathered up a few other items from my zen table, lotus flower tea~light holders, Buddha and singing bowl..

Still eager for more I then found a wooden hippo ~ a gift from my first born, a paper weight from a “do” I went to with my mum and all the ladies received one, measuring cups from the kitchen and some flowers my daughter received from her boyfriend.

That was it for the mirror ~ I did try my old typewriter but it was just too big, so instead I just took a few snaps of it..

Finally I will share with you my newly arranged Zen area..



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