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Playing With Extension Tubes

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I recently snapped myself up a bargain on Amazon ~ for only £28.99 no less I purchased the above Andoer Viltrox DG-G Auto Focus AF TTL Extension Tube Ring 12mm 20mm 36mm Set Metal Mount with Covers for Canon EF EF-S 35mm Lens DSLR Camera.

With 4.5 out of 5 stars and 66 reviews I reckoned, at that price, I couldn’t really go wrong.

Macro photography is great fun, hugely absorbing but ~ for me at least ~ immensely difficult.

SO, I have been playing with these extension tubes with my macro lens. My problem is that I can’t use a tripod when taking these shots ~ I did try and it was a hilarious fail ~ by the time I had adjusted my tripod to where the critter was it had flown away!

Most of my macro photos are spontaneous opportunist ones and so are handheld not on tripod. I have terrible hand shake and so manually set the foucs and then have to sway my body taking lots of photos hoping that some are in focus! I know ~ not ideal right?

I see other folks incredible macro shots and wonder how on earth they manage to get them so clear and so fabulous.

I have found that with the macro and extension tubes it is enormously hard to get the whole subject area in focus, instead only parts of, with shallow depth of field.

So, I am awaiting delivery of monopod and macro 4 way slider to help me stabilise and focus my macro photography.

Bearing in mind the hand shake and focusing issues these are my first attempts with the extension tubes.

Final batch is of weird critter graveyards under leaves on the holly tree..

Once my new kit arrives I will share with you my macro photography and see if it improves in detail and quality. So that will be a blog to follow.


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