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Pondering The Possibilities

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“Nothing is impossible if you believe hard enough.” Words I have heard spoken by many people pertaining to various situations.

I suppose I do believe in this statement to a certain degree, although I am sure that you can come up with a list of situations where belief, no matter how strong, won’t help.

I am feeling a desire to do my bit, to take some pressure off my husbands shoulders in providing an income. To also give myself a focus to help mark the time at home as being constructive.

I am pondering on the possibilities open to me ~ which are limited to what I can do. Health issues limit my physical and mental abilities. I need to find something I can do from home, possibly online, to generate some income and which allows for that.

The income doesn’t have to be large, just enough to give me a sense of achievement and of contributing to the household. To make me feel I’m not stagnating within the walls of my home, being more than a stay at home dog mother.

But what?

I suppose it’s food for thought, thoughts to mull over and something may or may not come of it.

In the past I’ve had various jobs, I’m not adverse to trying new things but refuse to work in anything with pyramid schemes or with a hard sell approach. My job history is..

  • Worked for a publishing firm.
  • Been a receptionist working a switchboard and typing letters for the bosses.
  • Been a carer.
  • Been a cleaner.
  • Been a waitress.
  • Been a dishwasher Monday to Friday and then a Dinner Lady on Sunday’s for a prep school.
  • Been a hospital based nurse.
  • Been a deputy matron in a private nursing home.
  • Run my husbands office single handedly during the early years of his pest control business, later as the business grew and children arrived I worked from my satellite office at home with links to the main hub.
  • Owned a Forever Living Business for a few years before closing it down.
  • Finally I owned my online eBay shop whilst also caring from my girls.

Then health issues hit, the eBay shop closed down and my world shrunk. Slowly, very slowly, I am feeling a little stronger, although still very limited.

I want to find something to do from home, generate some income, be very part~time and not be too debilitating for me.

Now tell me I’m dreaming ~ maybe that is so, but perhaps, just perhaps, something may come up.

If wishes could come true then it would be something creative, fun, a hobby becoming a very, very, small business. I would love to do something utilising my hobby of photography, alas I’m a amateur, nowhere near professional, so unsure how that could be used.

So throwing this out to you, do you have any ideas, suggestions which may work for me? If so please drop me a message in the comments.

As for me, now I shall return back to pondering, brain storming and imagining.


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