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Positivity Challenge; 3 things each day for 5 days

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I have been nominated via a friend on Facebook to take the Positivity Challenge; where you post three positive things that have happened in your day for five days. I thought this was a lovely exercise to focus the mind on the good aspects of each day and decided to turn this challenge into a blog and photograph (where possible) those three positives.
Day 1
  1. My Palm trees who I named Grant and Marguerita after my parents, have doubled in size since I bought them last year, for someone who hasn’t got a green thumb and a knack for killing plants this is hugely positive.
  2. My decorative feet ~ normally my feet are hidden, my husband really dislikes my toes as he says they look like jelly babies stuck onto the end of my feet! My lovely Tasha offered to paint my nails for me after seeing my efforts where it look as if I had blobbed black currant jam onto my nails.  She did it all properly with base coat, two coats of varnish and top coat. She then gave me a gorgeous anklet and toe ring to bling them up, now I am less embarrassed about my skanky feet and wearing flip flops in public.
  3. I dropped my phone the other day, face down and my bumper case saved my phone screen but smashed the bumper.  I ordered another one yesterday morning which came today and now I have a lovely purple bumper with matching earphones and my phone is protected once more.
Day Two
  1. Today I managed to get hold of and spoke to our lovely contact at the Nisai Virtual Acadamy to sign Tara up for her Maths and English GCSE’s with them.  He answered my questions, could we have Tara’s exams in the home if she is too unwell to travel to the exam centre and have rest periods etc and told no problem.  Meeting with him on Thursday next week to fill in the paper work and for Tara to ask any questions she may have ~ then just a quick assessment to see which ability class to put her in and to call her laptop to check that the broadband connection is strong enough for the lessons.  Then lastly plan her induction prior to starting in September.  Hugely positive!
  2. I bought Tasha a couple of Henna Tattoo Kits and spent the morning with both Tasha and Tara working out how to mix the henna powder to the right consistency, then how on earth to then get it into the teeny tiny application bottles. It took some skills and team work but eventually we did it, although it was extremely messy. Tasha did a design on me first a infinity love heart with family inside, and then I did one on each of the girls.  Here are the results…
  3. After a rest to recover we then spent the afternoon painting tote bags ~ the girls continued doing bags they had already started and I decorated one for transporting the dogs bits and pieces in when we go to the caravan.  I have only photographed my bag as the girls haven’t finished theirs and didn’t want me to show them half done.  It was a very gentle quiet afternoon, all peaceably sharing the dining room table whilst painting in amicable silence.  The girls then went for a lie down afterwards.
Day Three
  1. I got up and managed to get the house, bathrooms and floors cleaned in record time (I loathe cleaning!) All the windows are open, the sun is shining, the house and air smell clean and fresh and now I can flop!
    I should also add dogs to the list too!
  2. It’s a gorgeous day, the skies are blue, the sun is out, dogs have a paddling pool which I am dipping my feet in and making foot patterns on the decking and giggling to myself, thing is it’s SO hot that they are drying as fast as I am making them ~ however, I feel it is very important that you pander, on occasion, to that inner child don’t you?
  3. I received a surprise visit from my wonderful friend Tracey who I have known since I was 18 years old. Sadly for various reasons we both moved from our home towns and now are at opposite ends of the country, so geography has got in the way of us being able to see each other as much as we would like.  This means we get to see each other about once a year if we are lucky.  We have thoroughly enjoyed chin-wagging and catching up, followed by a delicious Anoki Indian take-away and cheeky glass or three of wine too. Nod to the lovely Marilyn (Traceys mum); thank you for your compliments and thinking I am attractive, that is a fabulous positive stroke and is very much appreciated, although I have to be careful now not to allow my head to swell!
Day Four
  1. Assessing how I feel this morning after the excesses of last night and happy to say, no hangover and feel great.
  2. First born child returned this lunchtime having completed her second residential week of NCS. The next fortnight is 9am-5pm locally doing whatever their chosen project is, so at least we will have her home at nights ~ I cannot convey via this blog how exceptionally proud I am of her having done the residential part which was no mean feat considering her anxiety issues. This is massive progress also bodes well for her going to Leeds festival later this summer. This photo was taken during her first residential week which was an activity-packed camping trip to Barnswood Scout Camp near the Staffordshire Moorlands region of the Peak District National Park. (You can read the first instalment of her NCS blog here).  Later we celebrated her return  by enjoying the menu of Keisha’s choice which was fresh crunchy vegetable stir fry with tofu followed by baked cookie dough cheesecake. 
  3. Doesn’t sound positive I know BUT we visited the GP with youngest child this morning as her back pain is becoming unbearable and stretch mark collection is growing ~ GP listened, was attentive, lovely to her and heard our concerns.  Her gut feeling is that the stretch marks and back pain are due to malnutrition due to nutrients not being effectively absorbed by the body as her BMI is below normal too. HOWEVER, to be on the safe side she is requesting more blood tests to check for connective tissue disorders among many other things ~ this means we can go armed to our Consultant appointment and show all preliminary tests have been done via GP and push forward with gastro referral & absorption tests and then a specialist dietician referral to combat the deficiencies. 
Day Five
  1. Tasha gave me one of her bandanna’s along with a lesson on how to wear it to keep my growing fringe out of my eyes.  This is SO much more comfortable than the hair bands which were bruising the side of my head.   
  2. The Hopi Candles arrived so I can treat first born at home which is more convenient, comfortable and cheaper. I shall be treating her later this afternoon.
  3. Enjoying having a day with nothing planned (after doing the Hopi), no appointments to go to and no demands to have to meet ~ may just stay in my “lounge wear” and take the day as it comes. It’s so hot and yet it’s tipping it down outside, not seen any lightening yet but heard the odd rumble of thunder. So planning the perfect lazy day with films, snuggles with dogs and girls and cooking whatever we happen to have in the fridge/freezers.
So that’s it, my 3 things a day for 5 days positivity challenge.  I hope you enjoyed it.
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