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Pre~Halloween Warm Up

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Yesterday we “dressed” Manson up for Halloween and took him out for a pre~Halloween spin and to have some fun.
The best part for both myself and Dave was making people laugh as we drove around locally with Manson looking suitably handsome and both myself and Dave dressed as Deaths handymen. Windows down Dave verbally interacted in character, I however remained silent because I don’t have a deep or gravelly voice so maximised on the STARE.

We had folk pull alongside the car, windows down taking photos and videos of us, we had folk waving, pointing, interacting, laughing and getting into the spirit of it with us.

Once we’d had some fun driving around locally we headed off to the Classic Car Meet ~ somewhere in the middle of the Derbyshire countryside up on a hill. It was bitterly cold and hardly a car in the car park. Undeterred we parked up and had a wonder across to the Hotel, hidden on one side was a raised grassy area which had been decorated with some Halloween props and a wee hut where sweets were up for sale. All funds raised were going towards Cancer Research and so, not wanting any sweets, we popped in a donation instead.

I felt awful for the organisers who had worked hard  decorating the area, only a third of their decorations were up due to heavy winds, hailstones and rain. Usually they used the adjacent field, had marquees up and bouncy castles. This year the field was to soggy and muddy, it was too windy for the marquees and bouncy castles which meant they had to do the best they could with what they had.

This was an annual event and usually very well supported, this year sadly only a handful of people turned up.

The organisers were exceptionally friendly and chatty and they loved our Manson and asked us to pull him up alongside their exhibits whilst we were there.

It was FREEZING and I’m nesh by nature, my nose was clown red and my hands were curled up inside my jumper sleeves.

We had a walk across the car park and said hello to the cows, who were friendly and jostled to get a good look at us. After that we mostly hung around sheltering from the wind and wished for more folk to come and support the event.

After an hour we had to leave ~ date night and a Sunday roast at my favourite local pub beckoned.

We had a lot of fun and hope to venture out again on Halloween around our local area giving away mini chocolate bars to everyone we come across. We have purchased a small mountain of chocolate, large bags of treat size deliciousness of every kind, so we shouldn’t run out.

I won’t be taking my camera on our Halloween caper as we’ll be too busy being in character and dishing out treats.

Manson is the perfect ride for this time of year, he drove so smoothly and whilst we were driving around his heater kept us toasty warm.

Here are some photos of our ride out, some of the decorations, cows and countryside and of course my Manson…

Wishing you all a very happy Halloween ..


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