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Rambling thoughts

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I’m into day 2 of the October challenge and today is easier than yesterday, only 29 more days to go before I can enjoy some wine and chocolate….

Drools  in the style of Homer Simpson!

I had my middle daughter cut my fringe for me the other day, it seems it grows at three times the speed to the rest of my hair which is stubbornly on the grow slow! Whilst cutting it she noticed my roots were coming through and I have more and more white hairs sprouting ~ which gives me feelings of perverse joy ~ I have no idea why. I dyed my hair back to match my roots a while ago so that I can grow out the hair dye as my hair grows and satisfy my curiosity as to how many grey or white hairs I have.  It is still very difficult to see as my root growth isn’t that much but am I stupidly excited to see how many I have as it grows and am very excited to hear that the hairs are white and not grey too ~ does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?
Emerging white hairs can be seen 😉
Now I may have mentioned a time or two that I have daughters with ME and this chronic illness plays havoc with their bodies thermostat ~ when the rest of us are running with sweat as the heating is turned on they continue to shiver beneath double duvets and a pile of blankets whilst wearing pj’s, onsies and dressing gowns! THEN our marvellous osteopath saw an advert for sleeping bags with arms and legs, so you can be mobile whilst toasty warm ~ I feel a purchase coming on if I can only find one that doesn’t cost the earth….

We tried electric duvets in the past but they only lasted a few months before breaking and so not wanting to go down the route of electric bed wear ~ any alternative suggestions always eagerly received too.

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