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“It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change.”
Donna Brazile

Yesterday I decided to get myself out of the mental funk I found myself in. With a stern internal shake I mentally brushed off the negative attitude and decided to just focus on the moment, the day and nothing further ahead. I intend to make tiny ripples of change within my life to make a tidal wave of success at the end.

My fortnightly rheumatology physiotherapy visit ended on a positive note ~ my dedication to the exercises given have effectively improved my hip movement range, all be it a small increase in movement, it’s baby steps and all improvement is taking me closer to the end goal of the best range of movement possible ~ which is awesome.

Due to the difficult combination of health conditions I have the physio decided against stepping up my exercises and instead suggested adding 1 or 2 reps to the existing ones. I am also practising breathing techniques to help open up my ribcage and allow full expansion of the lungs. My referral to the Tai Chi for Arthritis won’t come through with a place until some time in May at the earliest, so my treatment plan is to remain with current rheumatology physio for fortnightly appointments until then. I have been told that I am to take everything very slowly to prevent exacerbating the M.E., frustratingly almost everything to treat the Fibro and HEDS causes exacerbation of the M.E. So its a very slow and steady approach. My Tai Chi is to start by sitting in a chair doing leg and arm movements, to then progress to standing behind a chair for support and then finally  chair free.

I am wearing my new trifocal lenses which my eyes are very grateful for ~ I’m getting accustomed to wearing them all the time, which is a peculiar feeling. I have to remember to move my head and not just my eyes. I am very careful with them as, aside from my car, they are the most expensive belonging I own!

So, back to yesterday ~ after my physio l decided to put my plan in motion and live in the moment and do what I can, when I can. So I decided to do something which wouldn’t drain me too much. I grabbed my camera and walked around the house looking for random objects to photograph ~ I only did it for just under an hour but it was enjoyable escapism.

The photos I appreciate, are very random because my garden is not doing anything right now and my home is pretty minimalistic. I literally picked up normal everyday objects, photographed them and moved on in search of a new object.

The photos are not particularly “good” but I enjoyed myself, every time I look at them I smile at the random pleasure it gave me.

Alien attack..

Kitchen randomness..

Other randomness and some mirrors!

Finally, it’s all about a tipple or two..

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of a full body aromatherapy massage and faradic facial at my youngest daughters college. I supply the “body” ~ taking one for the team, as you do ~ for her aromatherapy full body massage assessment and then her first practice in the faradic facial. All students have to do two practice assessments before they are allowed to take their final assessments. Which means I have another 2 faradic facials to look forward in the forthcoming weeks. It’s funny that many people don’t enjoy it and that’s why I am going for all 3, as no one else will volunteer. Perhaps I’m a bit weird but the electric current contracting my facial muscles was quite enjoyable. At one point, well at several points, we both collapsed in a fit of laughter because my lip kept twitching, Elvis style, as well as my eyebrows.

I am looking forwards and not backwards, I won’t let issues regarding my body and appearance get me down or allow others to judge me for it. Not being able to exercise and taking medications that cause weight gain means I am making a very strong attempt to reduce my fat layer but it’s a uphill battle, who knows how far I’ll get but by hook and by crook I’m climbing up in miniscule amounts, although not significant to others it IS significant to me.

So, my mantra to live by ~ love yourself first and you’ll find others will love you for who you are. If they don’t it’s not your fault, we can’t all like everyone and so don’t let it get you down. Life is better when you are at peace with who you are, instead of angst about how you look, are you doing enough for your family, limitations that dictate your day, or if you are interesting enough just know you ARE enough!

Everyday I am intending to do something small and random and just for me. A treat, a pleasure, something to make me smile.

I leave you with a little video of a robin who sat chilling in a hedge in front of me which was lovely..


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