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Round & Round The Garden..

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Today is a bloomin’ fabulous day with a beautiful almost cloudless blue sky. The warm sun is beaming down on my garden chair ~ but I’m not sitting on it!

I’m currently wearing 39 allergy test patches on my back and two on my arm. I am banned from getting hot and sweaty because that would cause the patches to fall off!

Being the rebel I am I decided to sneak out and take a few photos ~ whilst dodging the sun and seeking some shade. It was a mite tricky to say the least as the sun had banished most of the shadows away.

I took a brief stroll around the garden taking a photograph here, another there. I then found the abandoned bottle of bubbles and I have to admit to a small squeal of excitement when I saw them.

Bubble bottle opened I then began to play ~ once I’d had some fun I decided to try and catch some snaps of the little balls of colour as they floated in the air. Thing is, a warm breeze may as well be a hurricane when blowing bubbles and then quickly trying to lift my camera to snap them because they blew away so quickly.

Now safely ensconced on the sofa with laptop on my knees I am writing this blog to share with you my mini adventure in the sun.

I don’t begrudge you the joy of having a beautiful bank holiday weekend and imagining many barbeques being fired up and glasses flowing with cool beverages, perhaps Pimms glasses full of fruit and ice too.

I hope you enjoy these images and once this is posted I shall bury myself in a Terry Pratchett novel, most likely a Discworld adventure.

Wishing you all a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend, full of laughter and fun.


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