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Safari Day Out

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We had a fabulous day out with the youngest two daughters on Wednesday, sadly our eldest was preparing to leave for Leeds Festival with her boyfriend & so stayed behind with the Hairy Trio. We booked both theme park and Safari but when it came down to it both girls were not well enough to go on any rides and so we went round the Safari twice instead. 
My personal highlight of the day was watching the Hippos, I could have stayed on the viewing platform watching them all day but I don’t think the others would have been pleased with me if I had. The girls enjoyed being with the goats because they were so friendly and soft to stroke.  The camels smelt rank and were a bit too keen to get their heads in our car and Dave struggled with one in particular as it tried to get behind the wheel! The giraffes were lovely and gentle, the lions magnificent and all in all we had a fabulous day out. 
To top it all off at the very end of the day as we were leaving the park we saw a wonderful steam train go by with people in the carriages waving to us as it sped past.

Sadly they no longer have monkeys and so a visit is being planned to take the girls to Twycross Zoo before the end of September this year.
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