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Shake it off!

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I have decided to shake off my glum mood and self pity party by remembering how lucky I am by thinking of the good things in my life.

I have a great partner to share my life with who has loved me constantly for the past 25 years. His love is unconditional regardless of my weight which has fluctuated hugely and health issues. It really is a case of being together as our vows were..

“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death us do part.”

This man in my life can always make me laugh and so for him I am so grateful.img_1034

I have three amazing daughters who are young women with a fabulous sense of self. They have huge empathy for others and will do whatever they can do for others. That is not to say they are pushovers, they are also sassy, strong, independent women in their own right. They have fought battles behind the scenes with their health both physical and mental yet had the strength to work through the obstacles strewn before them. Quietly plodding on and removing them or safely crating them and locking the door. They are interested in the world around them, taking part in organised protests and joining political parties that they feel will help move us forward both environmentally and socially. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and am astounded by them each and every day as I watch them progress and find their place in the adult world.


I also have pet therapy on hand 24/7 with my two cuddly bundles of fur called Taylor (Border Terrier) and Loki (Jack Russell Pug cross). They are incredibly soft, warm and snuggly. They lie in me and they ease my pain as they are like living wheat bags. They seem to know precisely when cuddles are needed and go to whichever family member is sick and will snuggle with them til they are better.

Taylor is mostly my boy and I love his love and kisses, his paws are fantastically floofy and have a delicious warm comforting smell. YES I sniff his paws and NO it’s not the least bit odd.

I am lucky enough to also have two hobbies, photography and crocheting. Photography is a ongoing learning process and crocheting the same and I intend to learn how to make as many different items possible and donate to charities. So far I can do squares, rectangles and circles so have made blankets but want to learn how to make clothing such as hats, cardigans too.



I indulge in chocolate when I need a rush of happy and am particularly fond of brownies, orange smarties and plain chocolate bounties.


Being around nature makes my heart happy. I love our holiday getaway in Filey, the flowers and insect life and beach are wonderful. I also love to be around trees when not at the coast, they are beautiful and I wish I could know their story and the secrets they must hold.


Coffee, I must admit is and always will be part of my life, it gets me up in the mornings and fuels me throughout the day. Now I also rely on Huel as a quick instant meal too and a great discovery and addition to my daily necessary requirements.


Then of course there are Hippos ~ I bloody love Hippos and could sit and watch them for hours as they mesmerise me. I think Hippos are my spirit animal ~ with the exception of killing people, I just destroy coffee and chocolate instead.

Then of course we have hats, who doesn’t love hats? They are solid reliable friends who sign my head disguising my unkempt dishevelled mane, well currently more bog brush than mane but you get my gist.


Finally I am honestly so lucky to have my virtual family, women who are deeply cherished and loved ~ you know who you are.


So, all in all I think I am pretty damn lucky and should shake off this negativity and self pity and instead just remember all the fantastic things in my life!

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  1. Easier said than done, to shake off the negativity that so often pervades our feelings, but your blog is a wonderful start – and very inspiring. You have much to be grateful for, and your daughters are beautiful in all ways 🙂 It’s to take stock every now and then and count our blessings. xxx

    11th March 2018
    • So true, it’s too easy to fall into a self pitying cycle and the longer you are in it the harder to shake. I have started now today to recite positive affirmations to myself, focusing on all that is good and trying to not focus on the bad. It’s a work in progress as sometimes the sheer misery of feeling so poorly can take over & I suppose if it’s not prolonged then that’s okay too. Xx💜

      11th March 2018
      • I know from some of your earlier posts about your health problems – I think you are amazing the way you cope with everything. It isn’t easy. I hope you are able to give yourself the credit you should, for keeping your head up as much as you are able.

        11th March 2018
      • Thank you for your kind words, you’ve made me smile 💜

        11th March 2018

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