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Sober triple dog walking hooping woman

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Over the past few weeks I have noticed that each time I consume an alcoholic beverage I become unwell, not hungover unwell but experienced rashes, upset stomach, nausea, runny & stuffy nose plus general aching of joints which leads me to consider the possibility that I may have developed an alcohol intolerance as opposed to alcohol allergy. The sensible way forward I feel is to become teetotal for a while (a few months) ~ which for the complete wine guzzler that I am, will feel rather odd. After the few months are up I may try small amounts to try and work out if it is all alcohol or just specific drinks ~ or I may find that I no longer desire it and decide to abstain ~ who knows?
The silver lining to this though is that it kick starts my healthy living plan ~ I am classed as obese according to the NHS guidelines and my weight should be between eight and a half stone and twelve stone.  Now the last time I was a “healthy weight” at eleven and a half stone I looked like this…
Which I think is too slim, I look unwell and gaunt, although at the time I was super thrilled to be fitting into size 12 clothing and thought I looked A~M~A~Z~I~N~G.  It took me a huge amount of effort and dedication to get to that weight and I found it unsustainable as I had to literally starve myself to maintain it. I have found personally that my ideal weight is around twelve and a half to thirteen stone, I feel healthy at that weight and also it is achievable for me to reach and maintain.  Yet, according to the NHS guidelines that would still make me unhealthily overweight.
So, with the start of abstinence from alcohol this week marks the start of a whole new me ~ becoming teetotal is the first step towards the healthier more vibrant version of myself.  I have some great smoothie/juice recipes, menu plans including lots of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies along with the odd home-made sweet treat.  Plus I am mastering the knack of walking all three dogs on my own ~ the new harnesses and triple lead extension are fabulous, I just need to teach the dogs to stop darting about between each other and tangling us all up in knots! 
I have also challenged myself to learn how to hula hoop in both directions instead of just the one ~ so any hooping experts out there I would be eager to receive any tips you may have on achieving that please.  Hula hooping makes me grin widely and I can go on forever in the one direction, alas as soon as I try to switch the hoop immediately plummets to my ankles ~ so I really need to work on that.
This picture tickles me ~ I think I may purchase myself a hooping bikini like this one, perhaps with a nice set of nipple tassels too?
So who knows, this next week folks may see a slightly manic purple haired overweight woman waking three darting knotted up dogs on one lead whilst hula hooping wearing a nipple tasselled bikini – now that would be a sight for sore eyes!
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