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Spring brings the garden alive

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Not wanting to tempt fate *touches wood, crosses fingers etc* it would appear that Spring is finally here.

The garden is alive with the humming and buzzing of flying insects, birds are filling the budding trees and providing the perfect backbeat to the insects with their singing. We have just had the first cut of the lawn this year, so the delicious fragrant scent of freshly cut grass and clean Spring air fills my nostrils.

It is the simple things in life like this that really fill my heart and make me happy.

My lovely man Dave has also just drained, cleaned and refilled the hot tub so the delicious warm water will soon be soothing my aching limbs as I lie back in the bubbling water and relax.

Despite all the issues in life, the fights with my body to make it behave and the other day in day out wrinkles ~ life is good.

I stole a few moments to try and capture the life stirring in my garden, it was a tad tricksey because these insects and flying critters don’t half like to flit about.

I am really happy with these photos considering a) I hadn’t set up my tripod ~ silly mistake  because.. b) I struggle to stand still ~ my body constantly sways even with feet planted apart. My balance is poor due to hypermobile pesky joints and issues relating to my ME ~ to counter this I set my focus and then shot loads of pictures one after the other as I swayed hoping at least one would be in focus.

With my macro lens it won’t focus on the wee insects in autofocus mode, instead focussing on the leaves or flowers. This meant having to shoot everything in manual mode and manual focus. In total I shot 1,203 photos due to the multi shooting to try and combat the swaying. I discarded most of them but the few that have come out have made me smile and I am very happy with them.

I know I have so much to learn and need to try and get cleaner shots ~ next time I will make sure I take my tripod with me and hopefully that will make a big difference.

So here  you go, the result of my garden ramble..

A lone ant ~ I shot so many pictures as I tried to follow this wee fellow as he darted across the fence post, alas I only got the one clear shot and it’s not that brilliantly in focus.


After saying goodbye to Mr Ant I came across a small spider creating finishing touches too its web..

After bidding it farewell I wondered around taking the odd picture or two of just random things that caught my eye..

I was then drawn to the bush behind our hot tub ~ it seeded itself and has grown to be a full and beautiful thing. It is slowly spreading across the border which makes me happy because insect life LOVE it. I have many potted plants along my gravelled borders, all are bee friendly but it seems that they would rather go to my self seeded bush ~ contrary things!

First I found some flies, the fabric the first one sits on is our hot tub canvas curtain..

Then I spied a ladybird taking in the view..

Finally I captured some bees, the bush was teeming with them but they were mostly inside it which meant photographing them wasn’t possible. However, every now and then one would pop up to the top of the bush, rest and then fly away.

I really wanted to try and capture the bees in flight ~ now considering I didn’t have my tripod, I was shooting everything in manual and am Mrs SwayAway I was immensely happy to find I had managed to catch one or two “flying” photo’s. Accepting that they aren’t good sharp images I am still proud of them and hope to capture a really sharp image with more practice and using a tripod..

So bees in flight..

Bees in the bush of plenty ~ with one or two on the fence beside it..

When I returned inside I found a large bumble bee of very little brain in my kitchen. It seemed to be unable to find it’s way outside. I fed it some sugar water and opened all the windows and doors with the hope it would eventually set itself free. It did after about an hour ~ frustratingly it would be millimetres from the open window then drop down onto the sill. The good news is that it did eventually leave ~ thankfully.

Finally, yesterday was my hairy boys 8th birthday. Taylor, my Border Terrier, has been my therapy dog and cuddle companion. We gave him his forever home a few months after my mum passed away from cancer. He helped me with my grief and made me get up and take care of him when I would otherwise have moped about. Recently he gave us a scare ~ he had a lump on his left side below his rib cage. The biopsy taken came back inconclusive and so under the vets advice we had it removed. Thankfully the lump was benign and Taylor recovered very quickly post~op.

To celebrate his special day I made him a “cake” from chopped salmon mixed with duck biscuits and topped with sour cream. He had a lovely long walk with my youngest and her friend, running around the grassy fields nearby. He also had more fuss than he knew what to do with and went to bed a very content pooch.

His pal Loki, Jack Russell Pug Cross, didn’t go without either..

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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