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Sunny, Sunny

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Sunny, sunny weather ~ how I do love thee!

Admittedly it is too hot to venture outside for me during the day but late afternoon and evening brings with it a breeze and shade.

Our “meadow” is growing, although our planted flowers haven’t come up, which I think is due to seeding too late. We have decided that at the end of the year we will kill off the grass on the “meadow” side ready to a create a white clover lawn instead. Once that side has been completed we will do the same on the other side as our poor Loki has awful reactions to grass but not to clover or moss. It would be a muddy impractibility to do both sides at once but hopefully we can do one then the other within the time frame we have.

I received my monopod and 4 way slider and have been itching to use it. The monopod is awesome but I feel that the 4 way slider is only good for statitic macro images and not critters ~ at least for me. I tried using the slider with critters but they had moved or flown away before I was ready for the shot. So that will be something to work and and practice.

So, over the past few days I have been playing with macro, action and deliberate blur photography ~ some I like others I don’t.

I thought I’d share a few with you now and hopefully some more in the future once I have mastered the slider and my extension tubes.


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